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5 Great Running Routes Along the Vancouver Seawall

Vancouver is just entering April, and that means outdoor running is back! Finally, Vancouverites can get some fresh air and sunshine to get our cardio in. Taking to the streets is a great way to let off some steam, or get some new perspective by admiring the city. When it comes to running, there’s one attraction that has the rest beat – the popular tourism magnet – the Vancouver Seawall. There’s few things as breathtaking as taking in the scenery around the shores of Vancouver. Did you know that the Vancouver Seawall is the world’s longest uninterrupted waterfront path? Bigger is better, right? Step into running season by taking any of these five great running routes to keep your seawall sprints...

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Finding the Right Fit as a Tall, Athletic Type

As you probably know, looking good and dressing well are two very different things. The best-looking people in the wrong clothes can look second best to those who are dressed to kill. While you may be getting enough cardio, and setting new personal bests on the bench – without the right look, what is it all for? #tallpeopleproblems amiright? It all comes down to fit. You know the feeling of getting shirts that are the right length but too wide. Or finding a button-up that fits your torso but the sleeves stop at your elbows. These tips will help you find the right fit for your tall and athletic build. Don’t Give Up On Dressing Well   It’s common to...

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