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More Influencers Sharing Their Favourite Things About Being Tall

by Alex Sinanan |

A couple more of our influencers share their challenges and secret advantages of being tall. In case you missed it he here is the first one.

Sterling Perkins

  • Almost all sports come much easier 
  • Never have to look up to anyone in a business meeting
  • Always have the best view of a concert/event
  • My spouse says my height makes her feel safe and secure. Plus I'm easy to find in a crowd!

Sterling Perkins

Robert Truijen


  • I can always reach the top shelf
  • I can easily find and be found in a crowd
  • I can walk into the deep end of a swimming pool without drowning
  • When you tell people your weight they'll usually say, "Oh, it's because you're tall," instead of "Ah, you should probably eat less and hit the gym."
  Robert Truinen

Aleksandar Borisov

  • Nothing is ever out of reach 
  • It's a great ice breaker 
  • Most sports lend themselves to height, which is perfect for someone who loves almost all sports like me!

Aleksandar Borisov

I am the view




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