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Back in Stock: Navas Bamboo Cotton Tall Slim Tees and V-Necks are Back!

Back in Stock: Navas Bamboo Cotton Slim Tall Tees in More Colours! Navas specializes in making tall slim clothes for people who are 6'+ so we know what it's like to be an outlier. It can be tough finding clothes that fit well or look good on you. That’s why our mission is to make the world a more comfortable place for tall slim men by providing them with high-quality tall slim tees and hoodies they love at affordable prices. Back In Stock: Bamboo Cotton Slim Tees and Vees! Navas Bamboo Cotton tall v-necks and tall crew neck t-shirts are finally back in stock in lots of new colours. Made with our famous bamboo cotton stretch material they're soft and breathable while also being durable and eco-friendly! Finally some durable great looking tall t-shirts that will stay looking great wash after wash! Navas products ship free to Canada, US, UK and Europe for orders over $100.

New Product: Navas Corian Mix Heather Tall Tees and V-necks!

Navas Corian Mix material is a new option for our tall v-necks and tall crew neck t-shirts. More structured and a little heavier than our bamboo cotton option, Corian Mix is a new mix of synthetic fibers, viscose and spandex that is still OEKO-TEX friendly and available in amazing heather options for your favourite tall...

Navas Profile: United Strangers Coffee

Our love for coffee is what sparked the idea of United Strangers. We love uniting strangers from all over and hope to bring people together in a safe and inclusive space. We want to be the first place you think of and you need a coffee, a specialty grocery item or...

The Navas Lab Mission: To Locally Produce Premium Men's Tall Slim Clothing

Navas Lab Apparel is an ethical tall men’s clothing brand from Vancouver, BC. Navas products are designed for comfort, style, and sustainability. Our mission is to help tall slim guys find stylish clothes that fit their body type without sacrificing on quality or design.

Tall vs Regular Clothes Sizing

Do you struggle to decide between tall and regular clothing sizes? What about Big and Tall? We have all you need to know about finding the right tall size for you.

Why Do Tall Guys Like Short Girls?

It seems that tall guys always go for short girls. Is it a coincidence or is there a pattern? Find out why tall guys like shorter girls...

Why Are Tall Guys Skinny?

Ever wonder why it seems that every tall guy is skinny? Well, that’s not by accident. There is actually a reason why taller men are skinnier.

Fashion Tips For Tall Skinny Guys

Follow these fashion tips and the room will start noticing you for more than just being that tall skinny guy!