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Tall vs Regular Clothes Sizing

Do you struggle to decide between tall and regular clothing sizes? What about Big and Tall? We have all you need to know about finding the right tall size for you.

Why Do Tall Guys Like Short Girls?

It seems that tall guys always go for short girls. Is it a coincidence or is there a pattern? Find out why tall guys like shorter girls...

Why Are Tall Guys Skinny?

Ever wonder why it seems that every tall guy is skinny? Well, that’s not by accident. There is actually a reason why taller men are skinnier.

Fashion Tips For Tall Skinny Guys

Follow these fashion tips and the room will start noticing you for more than just being that tall skinny guy!

Why Do Girls Like Tall Guys?

It's no secret that there are certain stigmas associated with being tall. We should all be basketball players is a big one. The everyday expectations of being a superior athlete, being more successful, and being the designated light bulb changer are also common.  One definite perk to being a tall...

The 12 Best Gifts for Tall People

At Navas Lab, we live and breathe the #talllife so we are well-positioned to help you find gifts that will actually be well received by tall men and women everywhere. Here are the best gift ideas for tall people directly from a tall person - and may you be never...

Gym Clothes for Tall Guys

As great as it is being a tall guy, there are certain drawbacks. Things like banging your head on hanging light fixtures and constantly being asked by old ladies to reach the top shelf in the store — things we have accepted as part of our lives. One of the...

What Height is Considered Tall?

What does being tall really mean for men and women? What factors contribute to your height and do you have any actual control over how tall you are?