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Sustainability: Our Commitment since 2016

As the world evolves and there is a continued focus on sustainability and environmental conservation, it's become increasingly important for us all to do our part. One industry that has traditionally struggled with sustainability is fashion.

Textile waste is the second largest polluter in landfills, where traditional synthetic materials do not break down nor biodegrade becoming a major contributor to greenhouse gases. As consumers become more aware of these issues, there is a growing demand for sustainable fashion options and that’s where we have been responding to that demand since 2016!

Since our origins, Navas Lab has been committed to producing high-quality, stylish clothing for elevated men while also doing our part to minimize our environmental footprint. Here are a few of the ways:


sustainable clothing

1. Ethical & Sustainable Sourcing

Navas believes in using sustainable materials in our clothing production. For instance, we use bamboo! Our bamboo material is milled in Ontario to Canadian standards for textile manufacturing and waste management and also OEKO-TEX 100. Same goes for our dyeing and water treatment (also done in Ontario). The raw bamboo fiber is grown, harvested and processed in India according to the OEKO-TEX 100 standard.


2. Conscious Manufacturing

We work with local factories in our backyard that prioritize ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices. Navas Lab is concerned about worker conditions and as such, we have explicit agreements that our production partners in Vancouver do not subcontract our orders to other vendors without our specific approval.

Our local production allows for optimal quality control, textile wastage, recycling and production efficiency. It also avoids a months-long ocean voyage on cargo ship, which also burns bunker fuel for weeks in harbor during loading and unloading. Navas skips this altogether: when production is completed we pack items in cardboard boxes and drive it less than a kilometer to our warehouse - no ships or cranes required. We even return the cardboard boxes to be reused.


sustainable clothing

3. Long-Lasting

We believe in creating clothing that is made to last - a LONG time! Our pieces are high-quality that can withstand wear and tear. In fact, we welcome wear and tear… because most of our clothing is designed with movement in-mind!

Take our Drake v-neck tee for example. This is one of Navas’ bestsellers and it’s built to last. Made of earth-friendly bamboo for all day anti-odor wear, it’s lightweight and is a stylish piece for any situation.

Our philosophy on long-lasting clothing helps to reduce the amount that ends up in landfills. Additionally, our pieces are designed to be timeless and classical, so they can be worn for years (and years) to come.


4. Recycling

Wherever possible, we commit to minimizing waste! We love bamboo because it’s naturally biodegradable. When we ship an order out, we use cardboard boxes and customers are reminded to recycle packaging (both on our website and order notification emails).

We have yet to find an effective replacement for the clear plastic poly bag in which individual products are stored in our warehouse. For now, we only use poly bags made from recycled plastic and encourage customers to recycle them where soft plastic recycling services exist (in Canada at London Drugs!) 


sustainable clothing

5. Transparency 

We believe in transparency and responsibility in our business practices. We make sure Navas partners honor Canadian minimum wage protections, unemployment insurance and health care and we abide Canadian labor and pay standards. Our full commitment to sustainability and our community can be found here.


Earth Month Sale

As we round-out the second half of April, Navas Lab’s Earth Month Sale is going strong! Join the sale online to shop our environmentally-friendly and  long-lasting pieces and put a little update on your Spring and Summer wardrobe!

By choosing eco-friendly and ethical clothing options, you are supporting our brand and our commitment to reduce our environmental impact and promote fair labor practices. 

Follow along with us while we grow!

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