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Navas Profile: Paul Duke

Meet one of our Navas Brand Ambassadors: Paul Duke stands tall for no surrender, no prisoners! He tries to be good for the little people which in his case is almost everybody.  Mens Sana in Corpore Sano!

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The Origins of the State of Mokum Print

Kir Mokum has a fascination with pushing software to do things it wasn't exactly intended to do in an attempt to achieve some fun unintended consequences. I'm intrigued by the complex aesthetics that result. For the Navas design I needed to recognize the limits of the screenprinting process as well as the material itself so I had to keep it simple but still interesting. 

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A Deeper Look at Bamboo Clothing

Navas Lab's believes in bamboo clothing. We think it is one of the most revolutionary fabrics to come along since spandex (which we are also fans of!). Read below for why it's so awesome.

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