Dwayne Johnson the Rock is one of those tall bodybuilders

Happy Birthday to the Tall Guys: Dwayne Johnson, 6'5"

Tall guy, Dwayne Johnson [aka the Rock] was born May 2, 1972. We first learned about what the Rock had cooking in his WWF debut in 1996. A string of blockbusters including The Scorpion King, recurring roles in the Fast & Furious, 2 Jumanji films and Moana. I'm not sure Dwayne Johnson could ever play anyone but Dwayne Johnson but that's cool too.



Dwayne Johnson has really exemplified work ethic and discipline, becoming one of the world's great action stars. He's one of the few tall bodybuilders out there kicking a**.

The Rock would push the limit of Navas tall tees but maybe he'd just need to rip the sleeves off first.


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