Jason Mamoa is one of the tall guys

Happy Birthday to the Tall Guys: Jason Momoa, 6'4"

Happy Birthday to tall guy, Uncle Momo... who happens to be born on BC Day!

I think most of us met Uncle Momo for the first time as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones [or Baywatch]. His less well-known works like The Red Road, Frontier and The Bad Batch are all really good and worth a watch.

This scene is only included in some versions of Justice League but it might be the best monologue is the whole movie. 

Navas Pairing: Hawkins zip hoody and Crowe Corian crew tee. Half the photos we see of Momoa he's in a hoody and a t-shirt, so we would put him in the best hoody and the best tee. Simple.


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