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Happy Birthday to the Tall Guys: Jeff Goldblum, 6'4"

by Alex Sinanan |

Tags: tall guy style, tall people, tall size celebrities

There are so many Goldblums. Where to begin?

In our house we grew up with tall guy, Jeff Goldblum the cowboy in Buckaroo Banzai (in case you haven't seen it is about this gang of weirdos using lasers to travel through matter and finding that it's full of Rastafarians from another dimension led by John Lithgow).


But there was Goldblum The Fly. Goldblum Earth Girls are Easy. Goldblum Jurassic Park. All the way to Goldblum as the Grandmaster in Thor Ragnarok, which might just be peak Goldblum. I love that he went from 80s peculiar sex symbol all the way through to ultra chic alien interloper, which on second thought is what this tall man was all along. Behold.


Navas Pairing: Mads tall pants in blue in the shortest smallest size possible.

If you haven't watched The World According to Jeff Goldblum, you should.