Tall guy Brian Lee wearing mens tall tee by Navas Lab Apparel

Our Influencers Share Their Favourite Things About Being Tall Men

Being tall has challenges but also some amazing benefits. We asked our team to share some of their favourite advantages.

Brian Lee

Crossfit athlete

  • I have a long reach when playing any kind of sport
  • Cleaning those high windows takes no time at all
  • No one fights with me for the front seat in the car because I need more leg room
  • My partner can alway spot me if we get separated in public
  • I never have to worry if I drop anything behind my desk or need anything from the top shelf

The Navas Lab Apparel tall hoodie worn by Brian Lee

Ibrahim Appiah

  • Custom made everything (is this an advantage? - ed)
  • Don’t need to get close at a concert 
  • Playing sports is much more fun
  • No need for a step stool, to get to hard to reach places
  • I'm a human selfie stick!

Ibrahim Appiah wearing mens tall hoodie by Navas Lab Apparel

Daniel Jansen VanDoorn

  • Everybody always has an icebreaker with me!
  • All seats are good seats at concerts
  • You turn heads, especially when wearing Navas lab!!
  • Tall guys give the best hugs
  • Easy hang pictures, get things from shelves, change lightbulbs easily
Tall size Daniel Jansen Van Doorn wearing tall hoodie by Navas Lab Apparel

Salvador Hidalgo 

  • Exclusive clothes and shoes for just tall people ! 
  • Because of our high is very easy to find your friends in the crowd, we have the best view , also it’s a great advantage to play few sports ! 
  • Also we are able to pick things from the top without effort!
  • My partner is tall so we'll have tall kids too! 

Salvador Hidalgo wearing a tall mens shirt by Navas Lab Apparel

Tormund and Brienne

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