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Our Influencers Share Their Favourite Things About Being Tall Men

by Alex Sinanan |

Being tall has challenges but also some amazing benefits. We asked our team to share some of their favourite advantages.

Brian Lee

Crossfit athlete

  • I have a long reach when playing any kind of sport
  • Cleaning those high windows takes no time at all
  • No one fights with me for the front seat in the car because I need more leg room
  • My partner can alway spot me if we get separated in public
  • I never have to worry if I drop anything behind my desk or need anything from the top shelf

The Navas Lab Apparel tall hoodie worn by Brian Lee

Ibrahim Appiah

  • Custom made everything (is this an advantage? - ed)
  • Don’t need to get close at a concert 
  • Playing sports is much more fun
  • No need for a step stool, to get to hard to reach places
  • I'm a human selfie stick!

Ibrahim Appiah wearing mens tall hoodie by Navas Lab Apparel

Daniel Jansen VanDoorn

  • Everybody always has an icebreaker with me!
  • All seats are good seats at concerts
  • You turn heads, especially when wearing Navas lab!!
  • Tall guys give the best hugs
  • Easy hang pictures, get things from shelves, change lightbulbs easily
Tall size Daniel Jansen Van Doorn wearing tall hoodie by Navas Lab Apparel

Salvador Hidalgo 

  • Exclusive clothes and shoes for just tall people ! 
  • Because of our high is very easy to find your friends in the crowd, we have the best view , also it’s a great advantage to play few sports ! 
  • Also we are able to pick things from the top without effort!
  • My partner is tall so we'll have tall kids too! 

Salvador Hidalgo wearing a tall mens shirt by Navas Lab Apparel

Tormund and Brienne