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Navas Tall Man Profile: Jeff Almon and MVMTLAB Vancouver

Navas has a long history with MVMTLAB and its founder Jeff Almon. Jeff is an accomplished chiropractor and body wizard, former CFL player, and the creator of Ground Control, a functional meditation practice that blends stretching and postural re-engineering.  

Some of the earliest conceptions of Navas as a brand took shape during Ground Control sessions when GC itself was still taking shape.

I connected with Jeff to help me resolve some shoulder impingement and back issues that (surprise surprise) stem from a lifetime of living tall in a short world. For the most part thanks to these therapies and practices I live pain free and active as ever.

We actually started writing this blog before the COVID shutdown. During that time we came to rely on the Ground Control program to help keep us sane and ready for our other physical pursuits as soon as the shutdown ended.

Tell us about yourself/MVMTLAB in <200 words

I grew up breaking everything. I would be that kid who would break my friends toys, break furniture, even broke a friends above ground pool. Even today I find myself testing the strength of materials around me. I was always surprised to find objects that aren't built well. But as hard as I  tried, I couldn't break myself. Even as a professional fullback in football, nothing really broke, my body always fixed itself.

I'm fascinated as to how resilient we are. Our clinic is designed to fix the things that seem un-fixable. Chronic pain, chronic dysfunction. There are answers to these issues. We're here to help.

MVMTLAB Vancouver

What's one of your biggest things people could be doing to improve their health and effectiveness?

Number one is sleep.
Number two is progressive overload, in exercise and mental effort.
Number three is realize that we're living in a great age. Our ancestors have fought hard for us to be in this position. We need to honour their work, so get to work!

What do you do and why do you do it the hard/DIY way?

I'm trained as a chiropractor but really identify with "neuro-hacker". I help people break down protective mechanisms and help them reconnect with their reactive stability to create a base for strength and power.  The hard way is the only way. It takes practice, focus and motivation to make the great changes we want.

What are your long terms goals?

Have create most effective sports clinic in Vancouver and begin teaching our methods to practitioners throughout the country. 

What have you got coming up (events, workshops, etc)?

We host our neurological reprogramming classes on the regular.

Ground Control classes

How can we find out more about you?

MVMTLAB Instagram

MVMTLAB, 500 Water Street, #500, Vancouver, BC, V6B 1A1


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