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Style Tips for Tall Slim Men

Navas Lab Apparel began because I couldn’t find proper fitting clothes. At 6’6’’ I had to work with what I could find. Moreover, I had to make them aesthetically fit with my long frame. Finding style as a tall man has often been my kryptonite. Being tall means you stand-out, so proper style is important, whether you like it or not. Over the years, these are some style tips I’ve compiled that remain my own best practices when creating Navas.

1. Hello Fit, Goodbye Slouchy Bulk

Find clothes that fit your body well and avoid at all cost oversize, baggy clothes. If you think baggy clothes will make you look bigger, you’re wrong! Rather, it reveals your greatest fear, it over-emphasizes your slim side. Dare I say skeleton? Rather, fitted clothes will celebrate your natural long muscles and drape to define your frame. To emphasize your shoulders, make sure the shoulder seams sits at the shoulder edge. This will help give you a wider shoulder look and v-silhouette. Dare I say superhero?

Tall slim man wearing mens tall shirt by Navas Lab Apparel
The Mac is a good example of a garment that fits nicely and sits well on the shoulder

2. Good Fit Doesn't Necessarily Mean Tight

Being a tall slim man is a goldilocks balance. Too baggy, you look like a skeleton. But too tight, you look like a skeleton scarecrow! I’d like to cast a light on skinny jeans (especially the low rise), my arch nemesis. These are the lady’s leggings that men just shouldn't wear… outside of a Renaissance fair. Just like oversize-baggy clothes, tight clothes emphasize your slim slide with no wiggle room for your other great features (no pun intended). Pants should be mid-to-high rise and well fit with enough room to be mobile and breathe!

Style tips for tall slim men by Navas Lab Apparel

No! No! No!


3. I will only use the word ‘Bulk’ kindly twice in this blog. This is the first time.

So long as your clothes have a nice fit, you can include fabrics that have some bulk. This could include midlayer pieces, a good fleece, compact jersey, flannel and denim. Unlike bulky clothing that can make you look frail, fitted clothes with bulk-minded fabrics can give the impression of muscularity. This is the second hint of being a superhero. You’re welcome.


Tall guy wearing tall mens hoodie by Navas Lab Apparel

The Hawkins is a good example of a mid layer bulkier fabric that maintains a good fit.


4. Layering Makes It Look Like You Know Stuff

So this is the second time I will kindly nod to the word ‘bulk.’ Layering can add a complimentary bulk to your frame. But you need to know the following stuff to execute it properly. You need to layer from thin/light to thick/structured. An example might be a light crew-shirt, midlayer fleece, structured suit jacket or outerwear. Moreover, colors work similarly where you want to layer from lighter colors to darker colors. Same goes with patterns working with the smallest patterns (like gingham and tattersall), and if so bold, move to larger patterns like plaids.

Here is a kind side note from an old friend: Like pinstripes, Vertical lines do you no favours. Seriously just don’t. Vertical emphasis makes your body length look like it goes on for days. Instead, try horizontal stripes to help balance those proportions.

Done properly, layering provides a bulk that compliments tall frames. It also helps break-up that vertical-ness for some visual harmony.


Tall skinny guy wearing Hawkins tall hoodie in blue by Navas Lab Apparel

We design our clothes to be layered with best practices in mind.


5. Honorable Mention to the Suit Jacket

Though I yearn to one day be James Bond, sadly you won’t find me in a suit jacket or any of his friends: sports coats and blazer. However, the suit jacket is a tall slim guy’s best friend. It carries the treasured tailored elements of structured shoulders and emphasis on the v-frame. It allows for layering that helps balance the tall man’s overall vertical line. However, when I do look for any kind of jacket, I do look for similar suit jacket elements: structure, defined shoulder and ability to layer.


6. Lastly, Don’t Let Clothes Wear You, You’re Too Damn Tall to Deal With That

Wear your clothes with confidence! I’m done with hunching over in life and allowing it to jeopardize my frame. Work with good posture! And this is the third hint to that superhero stuff. Just don’t wear your underwear over your pants. Or do.

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Slim and tall guy wearing black tall shirts by Navas Lab Apparel Straight back, stand tall, you look great.
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