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Navas Tall Man Profile: Jon Bierman aka Dark Arps, Electronic Musician, Vancouver BC

Tell us about yourself in <200 words

I am a 40 y/o British/Canadian living in Vancouver, BC. I am a media production generalist and technical artist with a very broad skillset, deeply immersed in the style and aesthetic of futuristic electronic music. I can tackle almost anything to do with audio-visual production, including shooting, editing, colour correction, compositing, animated graphic design, 3D modelling and PBR rendering, particle simulations, smoke, fire and fluids, as well as voiceover, location audio recording, electronic music composition, mixing and mastering. As Dark Arps, I have developed a reputation in Vancouver and beyond as a dynamic and exciting DJ and live electronic music performer. I am on a never-ending quest to maintain and acquire a vast range of technical abilities in an effort to become the ultimate technical artist.

How tall are you?

6'8" / 205cm

How has being tall affected you in daily life? What's one of your biggest peeves about being tall and how did you solve it?

It doesn't affect my daily life in any meaningful way... at least not negatively. There was a certain time in my life when I felt acutely conscious of my height when I found myself standing in a crowd, and I'd feel bad for the people behind or next to me whose personal space I would inevitably encroach upon. Some were kind about it, others were rude, and the truly brave asked to ride on my shoulders. Ultimately, I decided I shouldn't have to apologize to anyone for being the size that I am, and the feeling has been liberating.


What do you do and why do you do it the hard/DIY way?

I make music and video. Everything I know I either taught myself through a gruelling and lengthy process of trial and error, or thanks to the phenomenal community of educators and tutorial-makers that exists on the internet. Sadly, I've never had a mentor, and my professional development has been agonizingly slow because of it. That said, I believe this developed a deeper and more profound understanding of the subject matter, and instilled in me a kind of robust self-reliance and commitment to problem-solving which perpetuates the process of learning.

What are your long terms goals?

I wish I knew. Get famous, tour the world, meet people and make friends making art and producing great entertainment? That's about as specific as it gets. I've been thinking I should start my own design and production studio with the range of production abilities I have.

What have you got coming up?

I have several tracks slated for release in 2020, including two EPs and a few pieces on a couple of compilations. I will be juggling this with new musical and mograph creations, and freelance video production engagements with various clients.

How can we find out more about you? - streaming Tues + Thurs at 2pm and 7pm PST
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