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#tallpersonproblems - How to Slam Dunk the Basketball Question

“How’s the weather up there?” “Do you play basketball?” “You’re tall! Why are you so tall!” “How tall are you? Are your parents a couple of giraffes?” “Bet you can see my house from up there!” “You should play basketball! Basketball. Basketball?” Day after day, people have to ask it. That dreaded question...There’s no avoiding it - little bouncing heads look up at me everywhere I go and wonder. And I mean, what do they expect me to say? “It's actually me, Lebron - and this is my disguise,” or “Yes, I actually wanted to be as tall as my second storey apartment, so I wouldn’t have to take the stairs to get up there. B-ball is a lucky byproduct,”...

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Customer Spotlight: Tall Paul

We chatted with Navas customer, fitness expert and Vancouver local, Tall Paul. Paul is an athlete, trainer and bodybuilder who believes in creating attainable goals and healthy habits for his clients.  We got a chance to get to know him a little better in this month's Customer Spotlight: How did you get your start? "I have always been an active guy. Growing up I played every sport possible, which then worked down to my final two sports of Baseball and Basketball. I went to University in Louisiana. When that career was over I knew I wanted to still have an active life and teach others what I learnt." How has training changed your life on a mental level? "Training has...

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Our Summer Get Fit Tips

Summer approaches! Here are some tips from Navas to get the most out of your training regime. It starts in your mind. The first step in any fitness regime is choice. Making that commitment in your mind to change and then the determination to follow through. It happens from the inside out. Once you've made a decision to change, that change is even possible, then you can go out and make it happen.  There's always time. Time isn’t something you have, it’s something you make. No one is perfectly time efficient - everyone is time ineffective in some area of life. Are you going to tell me you couldn't find 2 hours a week over the last three years? Of course you...

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Advance Your Style with Pocket Squares - An Accessory To Keep In Your Corner

Pocket Squares? Are we still talking about those? The answer is yes. The pocket square is too often confused with some kind of stylish napkin, as opposed to being considered a final piece of an outfit’s fabricated finesse, as it should be. Done right, the pocket square can be a great piece of contrast, or provide that little bit of colour to make your teeth sparkle and the colour in your eyes to pop. Below you’ll find all the relevant info we’ve got on how to use one of these noble squares to accessorize for either an evening patio sesh, or to cater to this year’s wedding season. What is a pocket square anyway? What’s the diff between it and...

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Spotlight: Ridley - The Softshell Jacket You Can Punch An Alien In

With the release of Alien Covenant coming up this Friday, we thought we’d take this moment to write about a very special piece of clothing close to our hearts: our Ridley softshell jacket. And before you ask, no – the jacket isn’t named after the movie's visionary director Ridley Scott – but we bet he’d look damn good in one. With films like Blade Runner, Gladiator, Alien, and The Martian under his belt, Ridley Scott has to be dressed for some pretty serious conditions. Our Ridley jacket is ready for both windy interplanetary missions, and watery fights against the alien queen. Being both water and wind resistant, this jacket is suitable for any weather conditions the real world or a...

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