Skinny tall guy in the  Navas Lab Billy tall sweatshirt in blue

About Billy: Tall Men's Sweatshirt

Growing up we all wore sweatshirts. In 1980s Toronto we had classic brands like Benetton, Roots and Beaver Canoe (remember them??). We all wore those square fitting mushroom top sweatshirts with ribbed cuffs. As I got taller and stayed slim this kind of sweatshirt fit me a little worse every year.


Crappy Sweater Image

Tall people beware and bemoan the classic sweatshirt


The heavy nasty cotton felt terrible. It didn't stretch and more often than not it would shrink. They were always too short and you were constantly tugging at them to keep the cuffs or waist in the right spot. I haven't worn a traditional sweatshirt like this since I was 13 for all these reasons. 

Those early experiences underly why most Navas products do not have a ribbed cuff. We design them to sit in the right place without a defined cuff. Until now.

We designed the new Billy sweater to rethink the classic sweatshirt. Billy is the classic sweatshirt done right. It's as long as you need it to be, it's slim enough and the cuffs help the sweater sit in the right place at all times no matter how tall you are.

Of course it is made of classic Navas Canadian bamboo fleece with its awesome wicking and anti-stink properties. Made in Vancouver BC as always. Perfect for everyday wear.
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