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Gym Clothes for Tall Guys

As great as it is being a tall guy, there are certain drawbacks. Things like banging your head on hanging light fixtures and constantly being asked by old ladies to reach the top shelf in the store — things we have accepted as part of our lives.

One of the things most tall slim men hate is going clothes shopping. Especially when it comes to shopping for gym clothes for tall guys. 

The gym is where we put our bodies to the limit. This means we end up in the most extreme positions while at the gym. Hanging from a pull-up bar, doing a full yoga stretch, lying down, and jumping are just a few of the situations where tall guys find themselves exposed when wearing ill-fitting gym clothes.

Having the proper tall workout attire helps tall guys stay confident and feel good throughout their exercise routines.

We at Navas Lab specialize in designing and manufacturing the perfect fit activewear for tall slim guys, so we know a thing or two about the subject.

Say goodbye to your ankles or belly showing, and hello to awesome gym clothes for tall guys!

What to look for in Tall Men’s Activewear for the Gym

Everyone wants to look and feel good while working out and practicing their favorite sport. What makes this subject special for tall men is that it's really hard to find clothes that fit just right.

Here are some factors you need to consider when selecting your tall men gear for the gym:

The fit

Tall slim men have particular needs, and their gym clothing needs to reflect them - it’s a tall order. If you are tall and slim, you need clothes that are made with extra length and a slim fit. Regular cut XXL sizes, as well as Big & Tall, just won't cut it - you need clothes made specifically for your towering body.

Tall gym guy wearing tall mens tee by Navas Lab Apparel

The fabric

Choose clothing designed to pull moisture away from your body, preventing sweat stains and allowing your skin to breathe no matter the temperature and intensity of your routine.

The quality

Select high-quality materials that can withstand a beating, over and over. Fabrics made from sustainable, natural products in an ethical environment are always a plus.

The washability

Your gym gear needs to be easy to clean and able to keep its shape after hundreds of washing cycles. Find clothes that don't require too much special care and that will withstand the test of time.

What Should Tall Guys Wear to the Gym

When you spend time hitting the gym, you want to worry less about what you look like and more about getting the most out of your workout.

In short, tall slim men need gym clothing that is made specifically for them. There aren't too many tall workout brands that are able to produce quality clothing that fits correctly and that's why Navas took on the challenge to manufacture your favorite workout shirts and shorts.

Below are some apparel suggestions for your next workout.



Extra-Long Shirts For the Gym

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Our tall tees are just that, optimized for guys 6’2” and above with a slim build.

Perfect for the gym, the Crow Tencel dry workout shirt is made from cotton with moisture-wicking capabilities. It draws the sweat away from your body and into the material as you workout. 

That's not the only great thing about our t-shirts. They are made with extra length while being fitted enough to look great on tall slim men. With 6 colors to choose from and different designs, your perfect workout shirt is just a click away.

Tall Shorts for the Gym

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Whether you're lifting weights or practicing Pilates at the gym, it is important to feel comfortable in what you wear. After all, one thing about being tall is that everyone looks at you. 

Embrace your confidence and look great with our much-loved Zod long shorts. Designed with your height in mind, these shorts are built for comfort and functionality for tall, slim guys. Made from lightweight synthetic stretch fabric, they are easy to clean and contain a convenient single cargo pocket with a key loop. 

They come in black or a cool space design, you'll love them.

Tall Long-Sleeve Shirts for the Gym

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Sometimes, especially in the cooler months or if you're planning a low-key workout, a long-sleeve shirt is the way to go at the gym. 

Our Mac Microstripe Long-Sleeve Tall Shirt is the perfect fit. Ideal for the gym or for everyday use, you will love this versatile tall shirt. The lightweight bamboo microstripe material is perfect for exercise and the fit is a winner with all our tall and slim guys.

We need to create a fan club for this long-sleeve shirt — it's that popular.

Tall pants for the gym

Navas Coming Soon

Our comfy and stylish tall workout pants are almost ready and will be available to tall guys during for fall 2021.

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