Tall guy Charles Etienne Lemay wearing tall tees by Navas Lab Apparel

Navas Tall Man Profile: Charles-Etienne Lemay, Father and Outdoor Enthusiast

Tell us about yourself in 200 words.

I'm a father of three beautiful children’s, one girl and two boys, that enjoy life in a nice city in Quebec. I practice lot of sports (MTB, running, volleyball, basketball, cross country skiing, training, golf, hiking, roller blades, ...) and always try to find the right equipment for the sport. I have coloured shoes and equipment for every sport and don't like to cross someone with the same gear as me! But when it comes time to cool down and enjoy life, a nice drink with friends is always welcome!

How tall are you?

6'5'' at 210 pounds

How has being tall affected your life? 

I love to be tall! But maybe one thing, finding long sleeve shirts!

What do you do and why do you do it ?

For a living, I’m working in a hospital, as a computer engineer, and we try our best to become paperless!


Tall guy Charles Etienne Lemay wearing tall guys tall t shirts by Navas Lab Apparel

What are your long term goals and why are they important to you?

I want to make sure that my kids can get the education they wanted. I want to make sure they will have a job they enjoy, whatever the job.

What is a major event you have coming up and why is it significant?

Unfortunately with the COVID-19, major event have been postpone but my wife and I plan some MTB in Whistler! 

What does, 'Not Bad for a Human,' mean to you?

Even do people think we are not normal, contrary I think we are awesome!

Do you have a favourite Navas product and why?

I'll say t-shirt! The bamboo fabric is so comfortable!

What is your favorite advantage of being tall?

See over everybody in a crowd!


How can we find out more about you? (website, IG, FB, IMDB etc.) 


FB: https://www.facebook.com/celemay 

IG : instagram.com/celemay

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