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The 12 Best Gifts for Tall People

Being a friend or loved one of a tall person can sometimes be a daunting role. The tall friend is always the center of attention, and they make everything look easy.

So when it comes to birthdays or holidays, and more specifically, buying a gift for your favorite tall guys, most people are always stumped for creative gift ideas.

Well, I'm here to tell you there are a few pitfalls to being a tall size person and many gift ideas that any taller friend would greatly appreciate.

At Navas Lab, we live and breathe the #talllife so we are well-positioned to help you find gifts that will actually be well received by taller men and women everywhere.

Here are the best gift ideas for tall people directly from a tall guy - and may you be never be stumped for gift ideas again friends of taller people!

#1/ Clothing for Tall People

Being a taller person generally equates to hating the mall. There is no such thing as off-the-rack tall clothing that has giant friendly longer-length sizes. That's right, your tall skinny friend struggles with finding clothes that fit well and look good. The best gift would be to not have to scour the stores in search of tall clothing. If you want to give your tall friend something they will really appreciate, give them a break from shopping and get them any item from our vast selection of clothing for tall guys. And if you’re still unsure what to get them then pick up a gift card and let them decide which item of clothing they need most. Our clothes are designed by tall guys, for tall guys and they are the perfect fit for your tall best friend.


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An Extra Long Tie for Tall Men

This is a very tricky item of clothing for tall men. The average tie is 58" long with XXL versions occasionally available at a length of 66" which are apparently intended for men up to 6'7”. With a full Windsor knot suiting me the best due to my height and thin neck, the store ties are never long enough to finish at my waistband as it should. If you have a tall guy in your life who wears a tie to work, a great gift idea is a 70" tie.

#3/ A Laptop Stand

Navas Gifts For Tall Guys

Long hours spent at work, slouched over a desk that is too low, starring at a laptop that is too low are everyday tall people problems. The simple gift of a laptop extension stand is the perfect way to help make your tall friend's day easier. Mine changed my world.

#4/ An Extra Long Blanket for Tall Men

Navas Gifts For Tall Guys Blanket

This is a seemingly obvious gift idea but one that is not often considered. Everyone loves a great night's sleep, however, it is something that tall people, mostly tall men, often struggle with. If your friend has to choose between a warm top half or warm bottom half, maybe an oversized, extra-long blanket would be the ideal gift this year.

#5/ Camping Gear for Tall People

If you're looking for the perfect gift for an outdoorsy type, I have the perfect gift ideas for you. Tall sizes for camping equipment are quite difficult to source but would make such a difference to the whole camping experience.The gifts I think would be fantastic for any tall fit camper are:
  1. Longer tent
  2. Extra-long sleeping bag
  3. Longer air mattress
  4. Comfortable camp chair

But make sure you want to go camping with them as this is definitely a green light to outdoor adventures.

#6/ An Elevated Cutting Board for Tall People

Navas Tall Cutting Board

If you are an average size person you may not have an appreciation of what it is like living in a world built for people much smaller than yourself. Literally, everything in your world is built much too low. Take a kitchen countertop for example. Standing at an average height of 36", anyone who is a 6 foot guy and taller is more than double the height of the countertop. Given this information, you can imagine how thoughtful you would look if you gave your tall, 'Master Chef' type friend an elevated cutting board as a gift.

#7/ Furniture Lifts

Navas Furniture Lifts

In the same vein, why not buy a set or two of furniture lifts? If your tall friend has a table, bed, or desk that needs lifting to new heights, this may be a great solution. They may not even realize it's a thing. They come in either leg extensions up to 11" tall, or as blocks to place under the furniture legs. Check them out.

#8/ Sporting Equipment Presents for Tall People

Navas Tall Sporting Goods

All tall men and tall women love to play sport, well that may be a slight generalization. If you're after presents for tall people, why not venture into the sporting arena. The following are great gift ideas for sporty people to help them become even better sportspeople.

  1. Longer golf clubs
  2. Long skipping rope
  3. Extra-long yoga mat

#9/ Gift Ideas to Make Daily Life Easier

I never used to look forward to a daily shower. With the water hitting my belly, it was so difficult to enjoy a good wash. That was until my partner bought me a shower head extension. If you want the ideal present for tall people, I thoroughly recommend making their daily shower enjoyable with the addition of the below items.
  1. Shower head extension
  2. Extra-large towel
  3. Suction mirror for the shower

By the way, the suction mirror saves my back daily from shaving, bent double over the bathroom sink.

#10/ Shoes in Tall Sizes


Shoes in tall sizes.

Shoes may seem a little personal to buy someone as a gift, however, it is a difficult task to find shoes to fit a huge foot. If you are interested in buying a casual pair of shoes, I recommend an online store I have been using for years, Oddball.

#11/ Extra Long Socks

*picture attached* As we are talking about footwear, socks are such a great gift idea for tall people. For some reason, stores seem to think feet stop growing at size 12. I always have a serious hunt on my hands trying to find socks for my size 14 feet. Alleviating the task of sock buying would be an awesome and relatively easy way to please someone tall on their birthday.

#12/ Massage Voucher for Tall Women or Tall Men

Navas Massage for Tall Guys

Backaches are a thing we tall people become accustomed to. Constantly bending under door frames and slouching in front of a computer screen are taxing. Who wouldn't love a massage voucher? It's a great fallback option if none of the others seem appropriate. I hope these cool gift ideas help you make a tall person's day.

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