Tall guy measurements by Navas Lab Apparel

A Tall Guy Problem: Finding Your Fit

Origins: Finding Fit at Navas

We began Navas because clothes never fit me properly. At 6'6" and 240 lbs, it's hard to find clothes.  Sleeves are always too short, the body cut is too bulky and there's little regard to subtleties like your neck length or width through the sleeves. At some point, stretching your sleeves after the dryer and constantly pulling down your top just gets old. Sigh, SO OLD.


Defying Industry Norms: Prototyping in XLT

Most brands start with a theoretical medium guy and scale their other sizes from there. For the sake of tall men everywhere, Navas defies industry standards. Navas doesn't begin by prototyping on a small or medium guy, we go straight to the problem.  We always start by fitting all our prototypes on an XLT guy. This allows us to take into account all the tall guy issues at the beginning of the design process. 


Grading Reworked: We Make Rectangles, Not Squares!

As mentioned above, the industry makes prototypes in size small or medium. From there, they simply grade the pattern to make other sizes. By the time sizes beyond large are calculated, you're often left with boxy, ill-fitting squares. Most companies start with a small square and then XXL is just a much bigger square. Look around you - most taller guys are rectangles, not squares! 

Because the industry rarely has fit models beyond medium sizes, the outliers like XLT, get overlooked if they get made at all.  Moreover, there's more money in providing sizes from small to large. So why bother with the tall guys?

But this is where Navas comes in! We do our prototyping and fit design based on XLT, with the optimum fit for tall guys in mind as the starting point.  Unless a desire purely for styling-sake, we make rectangles, not squares!  Now you can reach without exposing your stomach, stretch your arms with confidence and wear clothes that finally fit YOU. Breathe, tis a new day.


Introducing our New App: Calculate Your Fit

We realize that shopping online requires a bigger leap of faith from our customers.

Step 1: Garment Fit - ready now!

To help with that we have added an enhanced size chart tool on all of our products to make it easier for you to find the perfect fit. These measurements are for the garment, not the user. So lay out your favourite tee or hoody and compare the numbers to help you find your ideal size. 

Step 2: User Fit - ready soon!

The next step will be adding a size recommender where you can enter your personal measurements to produce a size recommendation that will be customized to each product. We are super excited by this option but as expected it doesn't handle tall things very well so it'll be a few weeks before we can get this working. Stay tuned! 

Finding the Right Fit for Your A Tall Guy

If you're shopping for a tall friend, husband, boyfriend or whatever social form they come in, you'll want to know how to find their size. You can measure them as above. If you can measure one of their favourite tops, you can compare them to the Navas numbers and find the perfect fit for your secret gift!



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