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Navas Kickstarter Wrap

Navas ran a successful Kickstarter in September of 2017.  The campaign raised $16000 through 107 backers. It financed the first production runs of two Navas mainstays, the original Hawkins zip hoody and the Mac long sleeve. The proceeds of the campaign allowed us to complete our pattern work, order material from our preferred Canadian vendor and complete production with a Vancouver factory. We delivered the finished products to the campaign backers in December 2017. It was a modest campaign by Kickstarter standards but a success nonetheless that helped us reach our first customers and prove that there was a market for this idea.  The campaign was featured in Vancouver Is Awesome as well as Daily Hive. The current Mac and Hawkins...

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Product Spotlight - The Minimal Print T

We’ve got it. Your shirt for the everyday - A shirt to grab your groceries; a casual drink in the summer sun; a sweat sesh at the gym; easy to take off before going for a quick dip in the pool; for when you check your mailbox in your shirt and boxers; or at dinner with your parents so they quit riding you about how you’ll never get a promotion in that ratty T you’ve always got on. Our T is simple, streamlined, and beats that crap out of a Hanes Beefy-T. Navas HQ would like to introduce you to our Minimal Print T – because it’s the best shirt out there, simple. It’s the bees’ knees and you probably...

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#tallpersonproblems: Tall Tips for Concert-Going This Summer

Summer concerts are the epitome of enjoying yourself, and there’s nothing better than hearing your favourite song being playing live. And being taller than most people, there’s nothing better than knowing you’re going to have that great, unobstructed view. But whether it’s attending concerts indoors or outside, being tall comes with benefits and curses. What can we do when it’s general admission and standing room only? Or a seated concert and you can’t help but have good seats you paid for? Read on, because those are just a few issues we’ve commonly experienced. Turn your volume up, here we go – two tall person tips while concert-going. You’re so tall! Watch the show somewhere else! If you like concerts and...

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Find the Perfect Length for Your Summer Shorts

Mr. Sun is blasting our faces with UV and there’s two ways to handle it: grin and bear the forefront of the hottest season of the year, or take control of the situation by leaving your slacks in your closet and searching for the perfect pair of summer shorts. But what makes a pair of shorts perfect? Find The Right Type of Short for You Here’s the dealio: You need to find the RIGHT pair of shorts. If you don’t know where they should be hitting on your leg, you’ll end up looking like you’ve got a backstage pass at this year’s Warped Tour instead of showing off your gams looking classy at your boss’ annual backyard BBQ. Check the...

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Spotlight: Get Mad in Our Mads Jacket

Uppercut a tornado, ride a shark, or make kissy faces at Ving Rhames’ wife and let him catch you – if you’re going to get crazy, our Mads jacket is the perfect accessory to go MAD in. Though if you’re mad enough to do any of the previously mentioned, don’t forget to pre-book an Uber to your nearest walk-in clinic. With two different styles to choose from, this jacket is an el chupacabra in a kennel full of purebred Pomeranians. You don’t need to be juggling machetes to see that the Mads is streamlined, defined, and sharp – cut through mediocrity with this slim fitting jacket. Typically jackets like this come with too many pockets, too many zippers, and too...

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