Navas Lab Tall vs Regular Clothes Sizing

Tall vs Regular Clothes Sizing

You may think this subject seems fairly vanilla, after all, it's just buying clothes. How hard can it be? 
If you're an average height, average body size, or in proportion, the task of buying clothes that fit perfectly and look great is not such a challenge. However, for those of us who don't fit into the 'average mold', the mere mention of clothes shopping can bring up a sweat.

Tall or Regular Sizes - How do they compare?

We all want to look good, or at least not bad when we go out into the world. If clothes make the man, it's time you stopped wearing those baggy shirts and started giving your clothing choices some serious time. 

In men's clothing sizes there are your basic sizes (S, M, L, XL, 2XL....) which are very generic. What I find is if you have body features that are out of proportion, these sizes just don't look good. 

Too much material or not enough, tummy hanging out or sleeves that ride up your forearm… the struggles of being tall. 

Due to manufacturers recognizing the need to create clothing for different sized men, there are now some different options for tall slim guys like me. The only problem is deciding which sizing option is the right one for your proportions; regular, tall, or big and tall?

Things To Consider When Shopping For Tall Men's Clothing blog

It's All In The Measurements

Like anything in life, if you want to make good decisions, you should do your homework beforehand. The same applies to clothing. If you hope to find proper fitting clothes, you need to know your own measurements!

Here is a pro tip: get yourself a measuring tape and take your measurements per the image below! You can also check out our full sizing guide for more info.


Tall size measurements for tall skinny guys by Navas Lab Apparel


This way you will head to your favorite store or online shop armed with all the information you need to make the best decision when it comes to finding clothes that fit.

In order to determine which clothing type will best fit your body type, you MUST know your measurements and compare them to the size guide from your favorite brand. Just because an “L” shirt from Store X fits you, it does not mean that the “L” shirt from Store Y will fit you the same way.

Here at Navas Lab, we specialize in clothing for tall men, but this does not mean that our clothing won’t fit someone under 6 feet. In fact, many men under 6 feet with a long torso and long limbs fit Navas clothing just fine - and they love it!


Tall vs regular clothing sizes


The Difference Between Tall and Regular Clothing

Clothes shopping can be challenging for tall and slim guys. Shirts are a particular piece of clothing to get right. Do you sacrifice your sleeve length to get the right fit around your chest? Do you buy a 2XL from a department store to avoid the world from seeing your belly each time you work out at the gym, only to swim in fabric? 

Look at the sizing charts below to demonstrate the standard sizing for shirts at Adidas. Let's take the XL size. The difference between tall and regular is glaringly apparent when comparing the Adidas chart to the Navas Lab clothing chart. 

If you were buying a t-shirt for the gym at Adidas as a 6' 5” tall slim guy you would head for the XXL. You would certainly be disappointed at the result. You can see that the chest measurement of 47-49" would leave you with some extra fabric around the chest and also around the waist. This means the shirt will likely look way too baggy.

Bad Size Chart

At Navas Lab, the sizing is catered specifically for tall and thin guys. Check the sizing for the XLT in the Navas Lab chart. A vastly different situation. The 22” measurement at the front of the chest combined with a slightly smaller waist and the extra length makes this shirt perfect for tall slim guys.

 Navas Lab Apparel Tall Size Chart for Tall Guys

The Roundup 

If you are someone who suffers from anxiety each time the word clothes shopping is mentioned, stop worrying. The solution is in finding the right clothing that fits your body. Just as important is finding a retailer with the right sizing for you.

Once you have your measurements, you can simply check the size guides for the brand you are looking at. 

Shopping at a dedicated store that caters to your body type will help alleviate a lot of your stress. If you are tall and skinny and finding it challenging to locate clothes that fit perfectly, try Navas Lab. You'll look great and you won’t look back!


Skinny tall guys drinking and wearing Navas Lab mens tall clothing


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