Why Do Tall Guys Like Short Girls

Why Do Tall Guys Like Short Girls?

It is a figment of my imagination or do tall guys really have a preference for short girls? Yes, you heard it here: it's a thing and there is even a study to prove it.

In 2015, Dr. Kitae Sohn, a Professor at the Konkuk University of Seoul, South Korea, ran a study of 7850 women to assess how happy women were in their relationships. What he found was interesting. Dr. Kitae Sohn found that tall guys actually made women happier. Yes, it's a proven fact, in romantic relationships your height difference correlates to lasting relationships and happiness.

So let's take a deeper look into why tall guys like short girls.

Tall guy and short girl

Cute Factor

There is no doubt that cute things come in small packages. So what is it that is so cute about shorter women?

Dare I say this is a primal facet rearing its head. When a tall guy sees a petite woman, his instincts kick in to protect her. In his eyes she is more feminine, and he will feel stronger and more appreciated for taking care of her.

From personal experience, small girls are fierce. They don't need protection at all, however, relationship experts will tell you that a successful relationship is more about perception rather than reality.

Tall guy like short girls

Cuddling is Great

Everyone loves a good cuddle and the height difference between a tall man and an average woman makes hugs all that more intimate. The all-encompassing nature of long arms wrapping up a woman is something special. A woman feels safe and the man feels like he is powerful and dominant. 

It doesn't stop at a hug either. 

Tall men love the notion that they could if they wanted to, lift a little lady up and canoodle with her. This too seems to be an aspect of protectionism, appealing to a man's deepest level of primal instinct. 

It is true that attractive women are tall women as well as short, and I don't mean to show height discrimination, however, sometimes you just can't fight nature.

Men Feel Valued and Needed 

The key to a secure relationship is both parties feeling secure, cared for, and needed. After all, being needed is something everyone wants in life. Is this why this combination works so well?

When a tall guy chooses an average height or a smaller woman, he is guaranteed to be needed on an ongoing basis. 

Whether it be to simply reach the top shelves in the supermarket, changing those light bulbs, or coming to her rescue if threatened, there is definitely a need to fulfill. 

Shorter women feel protected by the added strength behind a tall guy, even if it’s purely perception. She will feel like she will have protection when it comes time to start a family.

Sex is Fun

This statement is quite obvious, yes sex is fun. However, tall guys are perceived as being stronger than shorter guys. This gives them the ability to be more inventive and experimental when their partner is on the petite side. 

Relationship experts state that romantic relationships thrive when the sex is fun and relaxed. As long as all parties are comfortable, why not have a bit of fun in the bedroom...or wherever.

Tall girls may be more cumbersome and awkward to maneuver, making the smaller ladies more appealing to a tall guy on a sexual level. 

Protective Instincts Kick In

As mentioned previously, we men are very primal creatures. The confidence that is ensued by being the physically dominant person in a relationship is empowering. It does wonders to the tall guy’s self-esteem. 

It's no secret that the happier you are within yourself, the easier it is to hold a lasting relationship. Choosing small, “vulnerable” women as partners could in fact be wired into a man's DNA.

Another factor contributing to a protective partner is income. We all need to eat and tall men statistically earn a higher income due to their height making them seem more trustworthy and able to take on greater responsibility. 

Whether that is true or not, women are attracted to this as part of the 'protective package' tall guys can offer. 

Don't despair if you're a tall woman or short guy

These factors are all subconscious thoughts and very generalized. In reality, we are all very different and what appeals to one, will be totally different from what appeals to another. After all, the initial attraction only lasts so long, it's what's inside that makes lasting relationships work.


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