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The Navas Lab Mission: To Locally Produce Premium Men's Tall Slim Clothing

Tall Slim Men's Clothing

Men of a certain height face unique challenges when it comes to clothing. We have always struggled with finding clothes that fit well and look great, but now we are also faced with the challenges of shopping online. There are tall size brands but few local and sustainable premium options.

Local and Sustainable

Navas Lab Apparel is an ethical tall men’s clothing brand from Vancouver, BC. Navas products are designed for comfort, style, and sustainability. Our mission is to help tall slim guys find stylish clothes that fit their body type without sacrificing on quality or design.


Tall and Slim Clothing Options

Navas Lab Apparel offers a line of modern yet classic pieces that are made in Vancouver using sustainable fabrics including Canadian-milled bamboo cotton and organic cotton which ensures your purchase will not only last you longer than most other brands but also leave a reduced carbon footprint as well!

Navas Lab is a brand that focuses specifically on tall and slim men's clothing with a focus on comfort and precise design. All of our tall shirts and slim t-shirts are designed with trim fit in mind.

Our products are sustainably made in Canada with premium materials, including bamboo and 100% organic cotton for its men's tall hoodies and tall shirts.

Navas offers free shipping on all orders over $100 USD within North America, UK and Europe.


What Our Customers Say About Navas

Hawkins Hoodie

"I'm 6ft4in tall and 200lbs with a long wingspan. These are the best fitting hoodies I own. I have two others in black and gray and got the blue to complete my collection. sleeve length is perfect and the form fitting slender design is perfect for my build. These are durable and look great even over time. I even wear them to bed on occasion on the cold winter nights. I'm thankful there's someone out there making quality and comfortable clothing for the tall in big and tall."

Andrew L

Mac Long Sleeve Top

"I haven’t been able to stop wearing the long sleeve shirt not only is it comfortable but it fits me standing at 6’10, with a 6’9” wingspan! I highly recommend the shirt not only for fit but it is super comfy and breathable"

Sean B

NBFH Tall Tee

"The material is so nice on this shirt - comfortable and classy looking for a t-shirt. XL was perfect for me - 6'4, 215lbs. Hope Navas expands their line-up!"

Peter B

Billy Tall Sweatshirt

"I am writing this review fir my husband, who I purchased the shirt for. I have told some friends that I wish that I had filmed his initial turn-on because his face said it all. He was genuinely so excited and also shocked by what he was wearing. A shirt... a shirt that actually fit. He could raise his arms and not see wrists. He could reach fir the sky and have no fear of his shirt riding up. He loves it, and so do I."

Alison W.



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