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Why Are Tall Guys Skinny?

If you're a tall skinny guy like me, you will know all too well of the constant critique. Why do people feel it’s ok to comment on skinny people's weight?

The old saying that 'the grass is always greener on the other side' definitely applies with respect to my weight. Everyone says how lucky I am to be thin and how do I stay so trim? I often feel the need to bulk up because as tall guys, we often stand out which only accentuates our lanky bodies.

Tall Skinny Guy

I wanted to find out why I stay so skinny despite eating a normal amount of food. Do other people suffer my same dilemma? Is it true that tall guys are always skinny?

Here's what I found out.

Which Body Type Are You?

Back in the early 1940s, Dr. W H Sheldon devised a theory that categorized body types into three main groups called somatotypes.

Sheldon theorized that each of our bone structures and muscle density pointed individuals into being endomorph, mesomorph, or ectomorph. He went on to say these physiological categories affect the way in which we carry and gain weight.

As it has been recognized since his early theory, we tend to lean towards one category, however, it's more of a spectrum. Which do you fit into?

Tall skinny guy ectomorph


An endomorph is considered a curvy body. They tend to have higher fat storage capability and shorter limbs. Their bones are small to medium and their muscles are not well-defined. They are characterized by their stocky build and narrow shoulders.

If you are this body type it is essential to keep up a good exercise regime and a healthy diet due to your predisposition to gain weight easily. Examples of men in this category are Russel Crowe and Gerard Butler.


If you fit into the mesomorph body type, lucky you. They have a lower fat to muscle ratio which gives them an even distribution of fat throughout their body. They have a large heart and good muscle definition in their chest and limbs. Examples of people in this category are Mark Whalberg and George Clooney.

They gain and lose weight fairly easily with cardio workouts and can pretty much eat whatever they want.


Being an ectomorph involves having slim bones and muscles. If you are in this category, you will be taller and lighter proportionally due to a lighter bone structure. Due to low body fat and less muscle than other body types, if you're in this bracket you will find it difficult to gain weight.

You will tend to excel at endurance activities more than contact sports. Examples of ectomorphs are Matthew McConaughey and Brad Pitt.

What factors affect my tall skinny frame?

We know that nothing in this world is simple and there are many factors that determine the way you look other than genetics. Certain gene pools, determined eons ago through natural selection, have some say in what you look like, however, it goes deeper than that.

What Sheldon originally thought was a genetically predetermined body type has since been somewhat debunked. Many other factors such as diet, environment, and lifestyle choices are now considered greater determinants of what your body looks like. Sit on the couch all day eating fries, and you will tend to look more like an endomorph.

Can I Alter My Ectomorph Body Type?

Tall skinny guy

We are all a combination of several or all of these body types. However, if you lean more towards being a tall and lanky ectomorph, here are some tips on how to put on muscle mass.

  • Eat a high-calorie diet with balanced carbs and fats, plus high levels of protein.
  • Reduce your cardio workouts as they burn all your calories.
  • Concentrate on muscle-building exercises such as weights.
  • Build the weight you are lifting over time and take long rests between sets.
  • Strength resistance training is the key.

The moral of this story is we ectomorph tall skinny guys can become more muscular, but it's a big body to fill. It will take time to create the body you want. As you are working on bulking out, grab a few of our t-shirts for tall guys to make your training as comfortable as possible.

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