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Happy Birthday to the Tall Guys: Dwayne Johnson, 6'5"

The Rock would push the limit of Navas tall tees but maybe he'd just need to rip the sleeves off first.

Why Are Tall Guys Skinny?

Ever wonder why it seems that every tall guy is skinny? Well, that’s not by accident. There is actually a reason why taller men are skinnier.

Gym Clothes for Tall Guys

As great as it is being a tall guy, there are certain drawbacks. Things like banging your head on hanging light fixtures and constantly being asked by old ladies to reach the top shelf in the store — things we have accepted as part of our lives. One of the...

Navas Tall Man Profile: Charles-Etienne Lemay, Father and Outdoor Enthusiast

I'm a father of three beautiful children’s, one girl and two boys, that enjoy life in a nice city in Quebec.

Pilates is a Solution for Tall Guys

People don't get old because they get slow. It's because they allow themselves to get slow that they get old. Keeping doing stuff is good for you. Having a loving relationship with being able to do stuff will keep you young longer. Being 50 years old with a belly and...

Navas Tall Man Profile: Jon Duff, Biomedical Engineer and Outdoor Enthusiast

Tell us about yourself in 200 words. I'm a 27 year old currently living in Madison WI. I'm a climber, mountain biker, home brewer, and most of all- a lover of the outdoors. I work as a Biomedical Engineer at a medical device company. I'm best known for being tall,...

6'6" Tall Rider's Custom Gravel-Cross Tall Bike Profile

Bike manufacturers realize that adjusting geometry for every size isn't cost effective since the bulk of bikes sold are Medium and Large. XS/S and XL+ can just make do with poorly fitting bikes because it's an inconvenience for bike companies to do otherwise. Smaller or taller riders are an inconvenience. Custom...

Building Tall Guy Strength

In my experience I find that being stronger makes all of my other pursuits more fun. But ironically when I have more fun I do them more often and then I lose the strength and end up having less fun. Which leads to the quandary of doing a thing that's...