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New Product: Navas Corian Mix Heather Tall Tees and V-necks!

Navas Corian Mix material is a new option for our tall v-necks and tall crew neck t-shirts. More structured and a little heavier than our bamboo cotton option, Corian Mix is a new mix of synthetic fibers, viscose and spandex that is still OEKO-TEX friendly and available in amazing heather options for your favourite tall slim t-shirts and v-necks.

What Height is Considered Tall?

What does being tall really mean for men and women? What factors contribute to your height and do you have any actual control over how tall you are?

Style Tips for Tall Slim Men

Navas Lab Apparel began because I couldn’t find proper fitting clothes.  At 6’6’’ I had to work with what I could find. Moreover, I had to make them aesthetically fit with my long frame. Finding style as a tall man has often been my kryptonite. Being tall means you stand-out,...

Our Influencers Share Their Favourite Things About Being Tall Men

Being tall has challenges but also some amazing benefits. We asked our team to share some of their favourite advantages.   Brian Lee Crossfit athlete I have a long reach when playing any kind of sport Cleaning those high windows takes no time at all No one fights with me...

Navas Tall Man Profile: Jon Bierman aka Dark Arps, Electronic Musician, Vancouver BC

As Dark Arps, I have developed a reputation in Vancouver and beyond as a dynamic and exciting DJ and live electronic music performer. I am on a never-ending quest to maintain and acquire a vast range of technical abilities in an effort to become the ultimate technical artist.

Life as a Tall Guy Firefighter: Adam Russell

Meet one of our Navas Influencers, Adam Russell. He's a 6'7'' firefighter who stands tall for respect, honour and courtesy!

Navas Tall Man Profile: Robert Truijen, Photographer

Meet one of our Navas Influencers, Robert Truijen, who stands tall for community, respect, steward of the earth! He's a photographer and graphic designer who's always on the move.

Thoughts From Tall Guy, Brian Lee: Training, Mental and Physical Health

Our Navas influencer, Brian Lee, is a 6'2'' Crossfit competitor and fitness enthusiast! He's passionate about physical and mental health.