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About Crowe and Drake: Men's Bamboo Cotton Tall Slim Tees and V-Necks

How many of you bought a concert tee in your youth only to have it shrink beyond unwearable after the first wash even though you'd washed it in cold water? As a teen this was heartbreaking. Navas set out to produce reliable tall tees that hard-to-fit tall guys could come back to year after year.

Happy Birthday to the Tall Guys: Vince Vaughn, 6'5"

Born March 28, 1970 we first met, tall guy, Vince Vaughn in Swingers where we also met Jon Favreau for the first time.

About Navas Stretch French Terry: Bishop Tall Hoody and Hudson Tall Lounge Pants

We only wanted to make our tall lounge pants only if we could do it just right. Finally we found the right tall menswear material that turned out to be so good we had to make a matching tall hoodie pullover sweater to go with.

About Blain: Men's Tall Bamboo Jogger

After many requests we have finally done it. Introducing the second Navas tall pants: Blain the tall joggers. It’s hard to find a tall sweatpants with a long inseam and with those cuffs if they’re too short they never stay in place. It is time for a tall jogger option.

About Hawkins: Tall Men's Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

The Hawkins zip hoody is the first tall hoodie made by Navas Lab. We started with one of the most challenging staples for any tall guy's wardrobe: the tall zip hoodie. It has always been challenging for tall slim guys to find great tall hoodies that fits since they are almost always too...

Happy Birthday to the Tall Guys : Tom Selleck, 6'4"

Most of his time on Magnum PI was spent in short shorts, which is immortalized in this meme that we've used many times.

The Ultimate Halloween Costume? The Predator

Brian Prince is an artist, parkour aficionado and the actor behind 2018's The Predator. Hear a great account of life behind (within?) probably the coolest costumer ever, The Predator.

Locally Produced: Is it better?

So many brands around the world are turning to local manufacturing as a way to satisfy consumer’s drive to a more sustainable way of living. Modern consumers have become much more aware of the manufacturing process, while looking to take ownership of their own carbon footprint, but does local shopping...