Wholesale and Custom Products

Navas can provide custom printed logo wear for your company or project swag

All Navas products are made with pride in Vancouver, BC

We can custom print or embroider Navas tees, shirts, hoodies and hats to your specification in all sizes (XS-XXXL plus tall options) and a range of fits (women's/men's/unisex). Provide us with your design idea and we can work together to produce a unique team garment for your project.

Depending on the size and timeline of the project we can fill your order from existing inventory or produce something specifically for you. 

Timeline for customizing existing products: 2-3 weeks.

Timeline for custom products: 2-4 months.

Available options, all made in Canada:

  • Men's, women's and unisex styles
  • All existing Navas styles of tee, hoody, sweater and long sleeve shirt
  • Tank tops, toques, baseball caps 
  • XS-XXXL, tall options available

Contact Alex at navaslab.com with the details of your project and let us help you make the ultimate project hoody or tee!

tall mens hoodie

tall mens mask