Brandon Booth does tall guy yoga in tall tees by Navas Lab Apparel

Your Body is a Tall Temple: 5 Great Yoga Poses for Tall Guys

For the month of January, Navas is exploring stories around the notion that, 'Your Body is a Tall Temple.'  

Brandon Booth is a 6'8'' yogi who stands tall for integrity, open-mindedness and positivity.  You can learn more about him on his Instagram: 6foot8yoga. Below, Brandon has shared his 5 favourite yoga poses for tall guys!  Enjoy!




Brandon Booth does tall guy yoga in mens tall clothing by Navas Lab Apparel


1. Upward Facing Dog - Urdhva Mukha Shvanasana 

One of the best poses for your body.  Upward dog is a core pose in yoga and for good reason.  While everyone should be doing this pose, it can be a huge benefit to those that work at a desk all day.  
  • Make sure you keep your shoulders back and your core engaged.  
  • If new to this pose keep your thighs on the ground.  When more comfortable engage your legs to raise your thighs slightly up.

Brandon Booth does tall guy yoga in tall mens clothing by Navas Lab Apparel

2. Headstand - Sirsasana 

The first inversion that most yogis are able to do.  It is a great pose to build core strength and stabilizer muscles.
  • Start practicing this pose against a wall till you get your confidence up.
  • Once you are comfortable, experiment with different hand and leg positions.

Brandon Booth doing tall guy yoga in tall tops by Navas Lab Apparel

3. Bound Extended Side Angle - Utthita Pārśvakoṇāsana 

Bound poses are a way to add on to a pose.  An added level of complexity and flexibility.
  • If you cannot grasp your hand together use a strap.
  • Once you have your grasp, try to roll your shoulders back and feel the opening in the chest.

Brandon Booth doing tall mens yoga in mens tall tees by Navas Lab Apparel

4. Crow Pose - Kākāsana 

Crow pose is usually the first arm balance that many yogis can do.  It is obviously highly reliant on upper body strength but the core also plays a huge role.
  • Don't look straight down.  Find a spot 1-2 feet in front of you to focus on.
  • The Sanskrit for crow is  Kākāsana but many times it is referred to as  Bakāsana which is actually Crane Pose.
  • As you become more comfortable in Crow Pose try to bring your knees into your chest more and straighten your arms.  This advanced variation is Crane Pose.

Brandon Booth doing tall guy yoga in mens tall t shirts by Navas Lab Apparel

5. Forearm Stand - Pincha Mayurasana 

Many times referred to as just Pincha, this is one of/if not my favourite pose.  This pose challenges your entire body to do things that don't seem possible.
  • Check out Dolphin Pose and Extended Puppy Pose for great ways to build flexibility in your shoulders.
  • Just like headstand, start this one next to a wall.
  • You are going to fall.  Learn how to fall and this will help your confidence.
  • The possibilities are seemingly endless in this pose.  Try out different leg variations and also moving your head in line with your torso, which is sometimes referred to as shifting your gaze.

Brandon is wearing the Crowe Tencel Tee.  This tee is manufactured locally.  The fabric is made with organic cotton and made under the OEKO-TEX 100 environmental standards.   


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