Why Standardization Doesn't Work i.e. Why Sleeves Are Too Short

Why Standardization Doesn't Work i.e. Why Sleeves Are Too Short

If you've ever wondered why modern clothing fits tall slim people so strangely you need to go back about 100 years ago to the beginning of large scale production at the turn of the 19th century. 

The government needed an efficient way to create a few simple sizes that most people could fit into (This is a great and informative listen BTW). It’s great for production, but not great for those of us on the taller side. 

If you really look around, most people’s clothes fit, but they don’t fit quite right. We’ve grown accustom to coping with it. The further you get away from the average size which is medium, the more difficult it can be to find things that fit just right especially if you didn't scale up with the same proportions as the so-called medium. Tall people are often victim to this because they are particularly not square. Tall slim guys are usually longer than they are wide/thick. The normal math of scaling up a size medium (which is very square) doesn't work. That's why most XXL stuff is comically huge.

Tall guys normally wear an L or XL. They’ll go for a larger size just to get the extra length, but that’s not all they get. They start getting into circus tent sizes. Where there’s so much room in the shoulders and waist, you could almost put a XXL on the Kool-Aid man – if he rolled up the sleeves. Oh Yeah? Oh no.

Sometimes your pants are too long, or your sleeves are too short, but you make do. Do you buy a larger size and hope to grow into it? Not if you’re an adult. When you see a tall person with clothing that actually fits them, and doesn’t just hang off them as an oversized piece of material, it looks great. Clothing designed for tall and slim people is the gap that we’re closing. 

Consider that most clothes are designed around a medium size, the pattern is simply scaled up or down until it looks ridiculous. People don't scale that way. We’re all built a little longer, shorter, this way or that way.

Navas clothing is designed around a XLT base size. We start with a product that’s optimized for someone whom is 6’6” 220lbs with a 39-40” sleeve and we scale accordingly from there. We are the only company that scales product from this size instead of the so called average medium size. If you’re tall and slim, it’s time to try on a shirt that doesn’t come with tent poles for a change. Get a shirt that really fits from Navas.

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