The Ultimate Halloween Costume? The Predator

The Ultimate Halloween Costume? The Predator

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Here at Navas we LOVE the Predator movies. We pay homage to these movies all over the place so we are just stoked to have met Brian Prince the actor under the Predator suit in the 2018 film The Predator. 

Last year we profiled 
Brian Prince in a blog about his time working on the Predator movie, his parkour training and his art

Navas makes tees and hoodies to fit tall slim athletic guys and at 6'10" Brian is definitely our guy. Check out these IG clips to see Brian in motion!

We thought it was time for an update, just in time for Halloween. Here is some inspiration and curious details from a guy who got to wear one of the coolest costumes ever. 

  • 0:48 - Experiences on set
  • 2:32 - What's it like wearing the suit?
  • 4:54 - Most challenging day on set
  • 7:01 - How did you prepare for the role?
  • 8:02 - What was your go-to meal/drink after a day on set?
  • 9:39 - Advice for aspiring performers
  • 11:25 - What are you working on now? 

All the Brian Prince Things

Parkour IG: @Talltrainings
Art IG: @Thebaprince
Twitter: @Thebaprince 

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