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Travel Hacks for Tall Guys - How do I make travel more comfortable?

Traveling anywhere when you’re one of those tall guys can be an incredibly difficult task, not to mention if you’ve got to go on a long drive or long haul flight. This is just one of the many tall people problems. Things just aren’t built for people of larger stature, and if you head to countries in Asia that have a traditionally shorter population, things can become even worse. 

Unfortunately, there just aren’t enough tall people that are super-tall for big brands or countries to make accommodating changes, the cost is too high and there’s no return to be made for them. Luckily, in the age of social media and invention, people have become smart enough to be able to create small pieces of assistance or gadgets to help the most niche members of society, and tall size people are no different. 

Whether it be some all important knee defenders for your flight or some quirky hints and tricks, this comprehensive guide will be your ticket to happier travels! Let's take a look at some of the best ways us tall guys can make our travel more comfortable and enjoyable!



Surely the biggest gripe about being a tall size and traveling has to be airline legroom. This is something that can be mitigated through upgrading, most airlines do offer additional legroom and better classes of seating for a premium price. However, these seats can be very expensive and not everybody can afford that kind of outlay when they’re on a tight budget. 

There are certain airlines that operate with slightly bigger legroom if the plan configuration is set in a certain way, but this is potluck. It is difficult to know whether you’ll get the extra or not. The standard size of the space you will see on most flights is 31-32”, but on some set ups you will get 33”, a really good increase if you can get it. 

For the best chance of getting that coveted leg room, take a look at these airlines:

Air France, Air India, Asiana, Emirates, EVA, JAL, Korean

It’s not guaranteed, but it’s worth a shot, right?

Another way you could secure some help through your airline is by being as polite and chatty with the check-in staff and the air hostesses as possible. Explain the tough time you have on flights and the issues you have had in the past, they might just bump you into a better seat to ease your travel woes. 



In our constantly evolving world there are new products hitting the market around the world every second of the day, so logically there must be some items out there to help with tall travel. We’ve had a look around the market and found some of the coolest and most helpful products you can pick up to make travelling more comfortable. 

Suction Cup Mirror

This is a great little piece of kit to have with you when you’re a tall guy. Mirrors in bathrooms, especially in foreign countries, are always set way too low for you to use effectively. With this product you can set your mirror at any height and go through your morning routine with ease. 

Knee Defenders

As we stated above, leg room is a killer on flights, and that gets even worse when the person behind you decides to throw their recliner back without realising your knees are right up to the seat. These knee defenders will prevent any unexpected injuries, making sure you don’t end up with the worst possible start to your travels.

Tall Neck Support Pillow

Travel pillows are one of the world’s most must-have travel accessories at the moment. The only problem is that the standard products are not built for tall people with longer or wide necks. You can pick up this specialist item for the taller man and enjoy your flight in much more comfort, stopping those annoying aches and pains that could spoil the beginning of your journey.

Luggage Hand Extension

Here’s an awesome product to assist you on your travels. It’s super-annoying that taller people can’t comfortably use a rolling suitcase because the handlebar is way too short. This extension means that you’ll be able to get in on the action. No more lugging around a huge suitcase and giving yourself back pain before your flight has even begun!

Inflatable Lumbar Support

Any product that can help with your flight comfort is sure a must-have. This inflatable lumbar support will ensure your back is well supported and in a healthy position throughout your flight. This means you’ll be able to enjoy a more comfortable journey, but also you won’t have an uncomfortable first few days of the trip with pain associated with your flight. 

Tall Clothing


While clothing isn’t strictly a gadget, we’ve decided to add our product lines in this section because it’s extremely innovative. Not only is Navas a brand that caters exclusively to tall men's clothing, but we actually put a lot of research and time into creating the best possible product for our customers. 

The main grip with clothing for the taller man with a slimmer build is that you either have for attire that is too short, or excessively baggy. With a normal sizing chart, the clothes always get wider as they get longer, meaning the fits generally end up looking nothing short of ridiculous. 

We cater to the tall size man that may be tall and skinny or simply a tall fit man. You deserve a fit made for your body and Navas Lab has the perfect tall men's clothing, designed by tall guys who get it.

Then there’s also our fabric, which is ideal for travelling. We make our products with a Bamboo fabric, it’s incredibly soft and comfortable, but is also uniquely breathable. You’ll be able to enjoy premium products that allow you to be yourself in whatever climate. With everything from shirts to pants, to boardshorts and even accessories, we’ve got everything you could possibly need for a trip or vacation. 

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