#tallpeopleproblems - What To Do With a Shower That's Too Short for You

#tallpeopleproblems - What To Do With a Shower That's Too Short for You

This week we’re jumping into a new series of tall hacks to help make your heightened lifestyle a little easier. Up this week – we’ve got that a way to deal with one of the more common #tallpersonproblems we deal with on the daily – the shower.

How many times have you stepped into a shower at the gym, the pool, or in a hotel and discovered you’re taller than the showerhead? You get great water pressure from nip-height and below - but when you’ve got shampoo in your eyes, it’s real tough juggling your balance and fighting oncoming soap-blindness. And holding the shower head like your own personal karaoke mic of cleanliness can be fun, but after enough times you end up feeling like a wet ape with a garden hose. Rather than teetering under the too-low spray between certain death and squeaky clean, consider some of these options the next time you’re near the plumbing department of your local home fix-it shop:

Buy A Shower Arm Extension

You don’t have to be one of the Mario Bros. to understand pipes – twist one end in, and connect a faucet to the end, and voila, working pipes. By no means should you take and extreme renos on using this guide, but don’t be afraid to turn your short shower pipes into glorious tall-normative shower pipes. It’s a simple change-a-roo with the little one and bingo, reconnect your old shower head. Finally, an upright clean. Pure comfort.

Install A Rain Shower

Got a free weekend? Take on this doozy of a bathroom renovation project to give you a shower that flows over you from the heavens – or the 9th floor, wherever the hot water tanks of your building are. You’ll want to consult as many how-to videos and blog entries on YouTube you can, go fill a couple growlers of your favourite local craft beer, and call your neighbourhood plumber – you’ll want to make sure they’re available for when you need to fix everything you’ve ruined. I’d suggest talking to a professional before taking on any of those giant installations, they involve reworking the pipes behind the wall and you don’t want to have to re-tile if you can avoid it.

Extra bonus – if you’re ever designing your own home, go for an in-ceiling rain shower. It’s like being at the spa, except when you’re done you have to wash all the towels you use (maybe don’t cancel your pre-booked appointments just yet).

Or, Do Both - Easily!

This video by Eric Warral from Home Hack shows the supremely easy way you can take your undersized shower to the perfect height with only a few tools and about 15 minutes. A little bit of work and you’re making it rain, baby! Now all you have to do is find a shampoo that won’t sting your eyes…

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