#tallpersonproblems: Tall Tips for Concert-Going This Summer

#tallpersonproblems: Tall Tips for Concert-Going This Summer

Summer concerts are the epitome of enjoying yourself, and there’s nothing better than hearing your favourite song being playing live. And being taller than most people, there’s nothing better than knowing you’re going to have that great, unobstructed view. But whether it’s attending concerts indoors or outside, being tall comes with benefits and curses. What can we do when it’s general admission and standing room only? Or a seated concert and you can’t help but have good seats you paid for? Read on, because those are just a few issues we’ve commonly experienced. Turn your volume up, here we go – two tall person tips while concert-going.

You’re so tall! Watch the show somewhere else!

If you like concerts and you’re over 6’, you know what hearing this is like. People from all angles voice their troubles with trying to see past you, like you’re some sort of surprise skyscraper popping out of nowhere. This is a tricky situation, because you understand what they’re saying – they’re short and can’t see past you.

Try getting to the venue earlier if it’s a standing show, grab a drink or two, and stay close to where you plan on watching the concert. This way, people can either know you’re going to be there the whole time, or can come to terms with standing behind you. Being tall doesn’t mean you have to stand on the sides (though this works to alleviate that chatter behind you). The main take away should be that you should never feel bad for paying good money to enjoy a concert ticket, just like everyone else.

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Being used as a marker at outdoor festivals: tall-xploitation?

Our higher-than-most heights can turn us into something of a meeting spot for the little folks below. Use it to your advantage, and play around a bit – move around and see who follows you. When they relocate and swarm, call them on it! If they’re good people, tell them you’re down to be used as a beacon, but they get the next round of beers for you and your buds. You’ll walk out of that music jam with more friends than when you walked in.

Being a tall person puts certain targets on our backs – people groaning, people getting angry, or getting jealous of having a special connection with the band on stage since our heads stick up like whack-a-mole gophers. There’s no controlling who ends up being next to you at a concert, but don’t be afraid of who you are while you’re there, or to keep a look for the best practices for your fellow music fans.

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