Rudy Verhoeff wearing mens tall tees by Navas Lab Apparel

Tall Man Travels: Rudy Verhoeff

For the month of March, Navas is exploring stories around, 'Tall Travels.'

Rudy Verhoeff is a 6'5'' Olympian for volleyball.  He 's traveled far and wide.  Here's what he had to say!

Rudy Verhoeff in mens tall shorts by Navas Lab ApparelWhere have you traveled?

Might be easier to say where I haven’t been. I have been a world traveller since the age of 9 when my parents took our family for a 1 year trip around the world. Then, once my professional volleyball career started I have been traveling most of Europe, but also China, Japan, India, Peru, and Central America.

Was there one place, in particular, you hold dear to your heart? If yes, why?

I really love Innsbruck Austria. I lived out on the mountains, had a great season, and loved being in a culture that really values the outdoors.

Rudy Verhoeff in mens tall tees by Navas Lab Apparel
What were some problems you faced when traveling as a tall guy? Did you find solutions? 

Flying tip 1 - if they make you pay for exit row, be sure to ask at the customer service desk after you go through security.

Flying tip 2 - during check in, select the seats immediately behind the exit row, then make sure you are the last person to get on board. If the exit row is open, simply take a seat!

How can we find out more about you?

Instagram: @rudyverhoeff

Rudy is wearing the Zod Boardshort and Crowe Tencel Tee.

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