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Tall Men's Clothing - Activewear Tips

Whether you’re new to staying active or have been fit for years, it is important to have a variety of activewear available so that you can work out in whatever the environment calls for. If you’re anything like me, you have some fairly old workout clothes that you stash in a drawer when they’re not in use. Particularly if you’re a tall man, there are way more options available now than there ever have been for nice active gear that has a much higher quality than the old gear you got years ago. Particularly for tall men’s clothing, guaranteed fit is an important piece. There are many ways to get a great fitting, effective activewear.


Key Pieces of Active Wear

Here are some basic items you should have in your activewear wardrobe that you may not have thought of yet.


● The “Tee”

Throw it on, wear it out, play with it, the Tee is a quintessential piece of activewear. The best tees look stylish, are durable and capable of handling a little activity without destroying the fabric. If you aren’t sure what faces you on the day, a tee can part of your biking, hiking, running, playing, traveling and more gear. Giving you the option to get involved in whatever the day presents. Navas Lab has always carried a perfect tee for just this reason.


Tall Men, Hoody Fit

The first time we made a hoody that fit a TT Male

● A Hoody

A hoody should be a way to keep warm for those early mornings before you have warmed up or on the windy days between games. A good hoody looks stylish, doesn’t turn you into a garbage bag with legs and can take a little warm-up routine without ripping. For tall guys, the hoody can be “hella” hard to find because your neck to shoulder to arm movement will pull almost all of them out of position. Finding one made for you is key. 


● Shorts 

A good tall short is perfect for your active routine. Something with a flexibility that allows you to get on a bike or go for a jog. Board shorts are great for the beach lifestyle where you might be taking on some beach volleyball or inline skating with the option to get out on the water. 


Tips On Choosing the Best Active Clothing


Here are some helpful things to keep in mind while you’re expanding your collection:


● Choose clothes that will be loose but not in the way. When trying on a piece of clothing, make sure and twist and stretch in a variety of ways to make sure it is loose enough on you.

● Select items that either will be good year-round or stock up on items that can be of use and swapped out based on seasonality. 

● Get a variety of different types of activewear pieces so you’re not stuck to one routine or one outfit. If you want to try a new workout in a new place, or a new sport, you can have clothes already lined up.

● Use wicking and breathable materials. Wicking shirts have exploded over the past couple of years because they represent the next step in activewear technology. Keep the sweat off your body and keep the air flowing in with wicking materials.


Getting dressed for your active day doesn’t have to be a chore and having several different types of pieces will help keep the variety going. Making sure you keep up with your online retailer will allow you to can go from a tired old wardrobe to a piece for every situation. You’ll likely find then that the clothes can help inspire the activity Keep these tips in mind next time you’re shopping, and you’ll find some great picks in no time. 

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