Tall Clothing for Spring Break

Tall Clothing for Spring Break

Spring is in the Air… (seriously, it is!)
With the hope for Spring just around the corner, it might be time to give your closet a spring refresh. Which means, getting vitamin D and shedding some clothing layers is on hold too. What better time to pack up and think about a little getaway than Spring Break!


Legs are Meant to be Stretched

At Navas Lab, we design our clothing lines for taller men, but we also design clothes that are comfortable (especially for taller men that have to get comfortable in smaller spots). This month we chose a collection based on some of the favorites we love (Valentine’s Day) and are comfortable (travel) – the February Collection. Our fellow tall gents, I know you cringe at the thought of cramming yourself on an airplane, given the amount of space there is for the average person of stature. But, we have designed some essential pieces that will help alleviate that stress and allow your legs to stretch (and bend) comfortably.

Meet Blain, our tall jogger and Hudson, our tall sweatpant. Both of these cozy bottoms are midweight = ideal for cooler temps, but not freezing and in-between heavy and lightweight. Ideal as a travel pant, but yet versatile enough that you can wear them at the gym, to the movies and/or just lounging around at home. Both are rated 5-star, which is a sign to click and ‘add to cart’. 


It’s What's Up Top that Matters

If you’re comfortable on the bottom then you better be snug on the top too! Our February Collection features two pieces we chose that feel like a great fit for spring break travel; meet Hawkins, the NavasLab hoodie extraordinaire and Billy, our fleece pullover. NavasLab understands that there are two types of people… one that likes a zip-up and one that prefers a pullover, which one are you?

Here’s a few reasons we think hoodies AND pullovers are great for Spring Break:

  1. It’s a great way to keep warm on those cooler spring nights. They’re lightweight enough to be comfortable during the day, but can quickly be put on if the temperature drops.
  2. It’s a perfect piece for a beach bonfire. If it has a hood, even better to protect you from any wind and our soft fabric will keep you cozy and comfortable.
  3. Our pieces are perfect for layering! Throw one on over a t-shirt or tank top.
  4. Can you wear our hoodies and sweaters for outdoor activities? YES! Camping, hiking, biking or anything else you enjoy! They can easily be taken off if you get too warm and they’re made with anti-odor bamboo fleece, which means you’ll smell great even if you sweat!
  5. Lastly, our hoodies and pullovers are a great way to look stylish while still being comfortable. They can be dressed up with a pair of jeans or dressed down with shorts and sneakers.

If you’re not convinced and need a little help or have any questions about sizing, find our sizing chart here. If you’re not sure what style you are you can find a quiz on our site to “Find Your Style”, give it a try! All of our clothing is designed for a tall, slim-fit for a sleek and sharp look. Any questions about our clothing or you would like to talk to one of us tall guys, reach out or send us an email.

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