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Fashion Tips For Tall Skinny Guys

Do you cringe at the mere thought of clothes shopping? Are you continually challenged to find a shirt that covers your wrists without feeling like you're wearing a tent? I feel your pain, but it doesn't have to be that way.

After trying (and failing) to dress nicely for many years, I have finally developed a great cheat sheet of fashion tips for tall and slim guys. It's time to convert those 'how tall are you, do you play basketball' comments into 'where did you get that outfit?'.

Tips for Finding the Best Clothes for Tall Slim Men

Fashion doesn't have to be a dirty word for us tall and skinny guys, however, you do need to take on the challenge well-prepared. The key is to create an optical illusion of proportionality. Knowing what you're looking for while your shopping is vital.

Here are some of my tricks to celebrating your height through clothing, making the most of the attention that you naturally attract.

Dress in layers

One of the first tips to keep in mind when thinking of tall skinny guys fashion is to layer up. The goal: to ADD mass and SUBTRACT height — equaling the illusion of proportion.


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This doesn't mean wearing billowy clothes, you need to add layers of slim-fitting clothing. Wear a thick undershirt tucked into your pants to help bulk you out a little. By implementing several layers such as an undershirt, t-shirt, and blazer you not only add bulk to your torso region but also give a point of focus. This acts as a great distraction.


Skinny tall guy wearing the Billy tall sweatshirt in blue by Navas Lab Apparel


Wear Bulkier Fabrics

In the same vein as the layered approach, when selecting your garments select fabrics that are heavier. Fashion for tall guys that come in heavy fabrics, such as denim, flannel, tweed, or corduroy will add mass to your frame and do a great job of creating a more muscular look.

Avoid Vertical Stripes

This is one of my favorites and an easy fix. Slim and tall mens clothing should never be seen in vertical stripes! Leave these prints for the short guys. The stripes will elongate your figure and give the appearance that you are even taller than you are.

Navas Lab Fashion Tips For Tall Skinny Guys

Now horizontal stripes or elements, such as pockets or belts, are the perfect fit for tall and skinny guys. They will create the perception of mass and depth in your look.

Opt for Smaller Prints

While we are talking about prints for tall skinny guys, try to avoid the gaudy, loud prints. You will attract even more attention like a giant flag waving high above the crowd. Try to stick with smaller prints on your shirts to add a stylish touch.

Make Use of Contrasts

It always surprises me how many guys, in general, don't know this fashion tip. Never wear all the same color, more specifically the same shade simultaneously. This is especially important in fashion for tall guys. Breaking up your outfit in contrasting colors and textures will create a distraction to the eye.

Style with Belts

Navas Lab Style Tips for Tall Skinny Guys Belt

Breaking up your look is an important element of creating stylish fashion for tall skinny guys, and a great tool to help you with this is your belt. Yes, you may need it to help hold your pants up, but a wide but simple belt will create a break in your outfit.

Skip the Tight Pants

Here's a word of warning. Even when fashion dictates skinny leg pants, don't. Pants for tall skinny guys should never be extremely tight. Instead, opt for slim or fitted pants that give you room to move, bulk you out a little, and don't emphasize your long legs.

Avoid Low-Rise Pants

Another tip is to avoid low-rise waisted pants which will elongate your torso. By wearing high or medium rise pants you will even out your body and give the look of proportion. Just in case you are unsure of the term rise, it refers to the distance from the waist to the crotch.

Choose the Right Fitting Pants

When you are shopping for slim and tall mens pants you need to concentrate on several aspects. The previously mentioned rise measurement is important, however, the leg length and width are also vitally important in creating the right look. Pants for tall skinny guys should always be slim-fitting, never baggy. You should never show your ankles or have them ride up when you walk.

Suit Jackets are a Must

Navas Tall Skinny Guy Suit Jacket

Suits for tall men are the perfect fashion piece, and especially a suit jacket or blazer. By layering an undershirt, collared shirt, and blazer, you will create depth and contrast in your outfit. A jacket will build out your shoulders, making your arms and torso appear bulkier.

When purchasing a jacket, ensure the sleeves drop to about the center of your hand, definitely covering your wrists. The length should reach the top of your butt or a few inches lower. If you're buying a suit, the addition of a waistcoat will certainly compliment your stature.

Long Trench Coats are Great

A piece that stands out in my wardrobe is my trench coat. It adds to the layered look and certainly creates a classy image. However, one thing you need to know is the length has to be correct to avoid accentuating your height. Ideally, the length needs to sit mid-calf, however, you can get away with any length below the knee.

Make the Shoes Stand Out

This tip is a real winner. Striking shoes with either bold print or patterns are great for two reasons. Firstly they take people's attention away from your height and keep them looking down low. Secondly, the bold nature of your shoe will make your feet look smaller. It's a win-win.

Best Shirts For Tall Skinny Guys

When you are looking for slim and tall mens fashion, it can be difficult to find a brand that offers the right fit, especially when it comes to shirts. The sleeves need to cover your wrists, the length needs to cover the top of your waistband, and the fit needs to be relaxed without the billow of excess material.

The best tall tees can be found at Navas Lab as well as perfectly fitting tall long sleeve shirts. You will never want to take them off.

Tall Skinny Men’s Clothing Dos and Don'ts

Looking fashionable and feeling comfortable can be difficult when you're a tall skinny guy. You can fall into the trap of trying to blend in by attempting to dress down, or maybe it's just too difficult to find the right fitting clothing.

It's time to embrace your tall, strong body and flaunt it in some great outfits. The following is a quick list of cardinal sins and must-do's when it comes to fashion for tall skinny guys like you.

Don't do These

  • Don't wear billowy clothing that is far too loose
  • Never wear a loose shirt with baggy shorts or pants.
  • Don't go near skinny jeans unless you're going to a dress-up party as a pole.
  • Don't wear shirts with large prints.
  • Never wear vertical stripes.
  • Avoid pants or shirts with pleats as the excess material will accentuate your skinniness.
  • Never wear pants that ride up your ankle.
  • Don't buy pants that are low-ride-waisted.

Do Do Do These Things to Impress

  • Know your measurements before you go shopping — ride, inside leg, back, arm length, waist.
  • Find a brand that fits your body type which you can easily find appropriate fitting clothing, easily.
  • Have trouser cuffs at the base of your pants, creating another vertical line in your outfit.
  • Be open to having your clothes tailored for the perfect fit, especially jackets.
  • Always wear closely fitted clothes that fit your body type.
  • Layer your clothing to create bulk and a more muscular mass in the torso region.
  • Wear a jacket or blazer.
  • Have contrasting colors, textures, and patterns to take people's eyes away from your height.
  • Wear a motive on your t-shirt which will keep people's eyes at your mid-point and distracted from your height.
  • Buy an extra long tie, so you can tie a Windsor knot, giving your neck and jaw extra strength.

Shop the Best Tall Men Clothing at Navas Lab

Now you have the low down on how to look sharp and get people talking about your personality instead of just your height. Navas Lab is here to help bring it all together.

You will find the best t-shirts for tall skinny guys on the market, as well as hoodies, long sleeve shirts, and shorts, all designed specifically for your frame.

Take a look at our range today and get ready to impress everyone with your new style.



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