Put Your Phone Down and Meet Someone New in Person

Put Your Phone Down and Meet Someone New in Person


Turn off your phones! Quit swiping left endlessly, log out of POF; finding someone to date isn’t what it used to be. You certainly can’t get advice from your pops, as ice cream socials haven’t really been the place to be since 1962. There’s a new spot for you to find dates so you aren’t eating a pizza on your own on Friday night while everyone else is out meeting new people. It’s a magical, wondrous place full of people who might want to meet you - outside! Next time you’re at one of these next few spots, rip your eyes away from your phone, and look around:

Whole Foods' Smoothie Bar

Spending time waiting for the smoothie makers to finish blending your green yummy? Take your eyes on a walk around you! Shoppers at Whole Foods are notorious for taking health seriously, and with health, comes a plethora of beautiful people in yoga pants. If they seem open to it, there’s no harm in chatting up a fellow thirsty customer - and with any luck you’ll be comparing boosters and the benefits of bee pollen in no time! Share a romantic wheatgrass shot and get crazy.

Kits Beach Volleyball Courts

This might seem obvious, but it’s still a great place to make some new friends. Invite some friends down to Kits Beach, bring a Bluetooth speaker, some beers, and set up camp at one of the outdoor volleyball nets. In the afternoon, have a couple games against yourselves, and see if you get any kind of audience. Challenge some friendly onlookers to a game – plan to let them win the first one. When it comes to game two, mix up the teams so it’s half and half. At that point, play to win, but also to have fun. You’ll get to know your new teammates, and with any luck, you’ll get served cupid’s volleyball of love.

Hoké Poké / Pacific Poké / Pokérrito ( literally any poke restaurant)

Vancouverites love fad restaurants. The latest craze? That’s right Ash Ketchum - it’s poke. Get out to one of the new restaurants serving up this tasty dish to get a good look at Vancouver’s foodie elite. What is poke? It’s like cold fish salad, made up of marinated tuna and other yummies thrown into a bowl, burrito, or whatever else you can think of. When you get to the menu board, if someone nearby looks like they’re a little unsure of the choices, offer to split two options with them. You’ll get two flavours without getting too full, plus the pleasure of helping someone out. You’ll leave full, and if that wasn’t good enough, you might end up with the catch of the day’s phone number to go!

Clothing Company Warehouse Sales

These things are usually madness, but there are two great bonuses: You get to grab good looking clothes for a good deal, and get access to a ton of beautiful people. While you shouldn’t go to these to pick up dates (have you seen the clothing-themed frenzies that take place in these things?), feel free to soak in the sights. You never know when you might have a Lady and the Tramp style moment with someone reaching for the same zip hoodie you are. Grab a size big enough for two and you’ll be ready for those breezy, romantic beach nights when summer hits.

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