Product Spotlight - The Minimal Print T

Product Spotlight - The Minimal Print T

We’ve got it. Your shirt for the everyday - A shirt to grab your groceries; a casual drink in the summer sun; a sweat sesh at the gym; easy to take off before going for a quick dip in the pool; for when you check your mailbox in your shirt and boxers; or at dinner with your parents so they quit riding you about how you’ll never get a promotion in that ratty T you’ve always got on.

Our T is simple, streamlined, and beats that crap out of a Hanes Beefy-T. Navas HQ would like to introduce you to our Minimal Print T – because it’s the best shirt out there, simple. It’s the bees’ knees and you probably didn’t even think we’d have something so simple OR versatile.

Choose either Heather Blue or Charcoal, this T has got you covered. Especially because that’s what shirts do, duh. Each shirt comes adorned with two pieces of art - our signature cat emblem and a little logo for good measure, so you can just point at it after you get tired of explaining where you got this sweet shirt from.

Made out of eco-friendly, premium bamboo materials, this shirt’s got a slim fit and a soft vintage feel. It’s a great shirt to keep you from getting runners’ nip. We like a T that can handle anything, so ours has got a bit of stretch to it, and stays breathable.

AND THE BEST PART – we offer our Minimal Print T in both standard sizing, AND our signature tall fit sizing – so if you’re used to normal unisex tees, or want to get something sized a little longer, we’ve got you covered. You can still expect the slim, athletic lines you’ve come to expect from Navas, but you can ensure your shirt covers up your belt and finally feels like the shirt you've worn in your dreams. You know the one, with the mai-tais, and the swimsuit models. 

Manufactured in Toronto, this shirt is a national treasure. It combines the versatility needed to cross busy Bloor Street, the luxury of the old ivy covered brick townhomes lining The Beaches, combined with the always-open attitude of your local Pizza Pizza.

Throw in the knuckleball of being printed in Vancouver, and you've got the best Canada has to offer. This tee embodies Vancouver's laidback-ability, and you know you’ll be able to ath-leasurely adapt to anything that comes your way. Rainclouds, 3cm snow dustings, trying to drive in Richmond, or finding parking in Costco – our Minimal Print T has your back for when you need something on it, other than your overprotective parents.


 Our Kickstarter is live! Check it out for great deals on our new bamboo styles!


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