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Navas Tall Men's Valentines: To be Tall and Chivalrous

by Alex Sinanan |

Tags: tall guy leisure, tall guy relationships, tall men's clothing

The team at Navas wishes you a Happy Valentine's Day!

We asked Navas Influencers some tall questions about Valentine's Day. Here is what they had to say:


BRIAN LEE: 6'2" 

Crossfit Competitor

Tall boyfriend Brian Lee in tall tees with girlfriend

What are some ways in which being tall helps you be chivalrous?

I can stand in front of her on sunny days and be a human shade provider.

Describe an ideal Valentine's day

A nice all-you-can-eat meal followed by unlimited ice cream and bubble tea!

What would your Valentine's Day card read?

Thanks for putting up with my shenanigans and playing video games with me.

What is your favourite Valentine's meal or cocktail?

Sushi in astronomical quantities!

Brian is wearing the Large  Crowe Tencel Tee.

Brian's instagram is @CROSSFITAZN



Photographer and NFL Canada Ambassador

Ibrahim Appiah tall boyfriend with short girlfriend in mens tall hoodie by Navas Lab
What are some ways in which being tall helps you be chivalrous?

Because you are tall, you are looked up to so it automatically makes you feel the need to always be chivalrous, with everyone.

Describe an ideal Valentine's day

I'm a simple person, an ideal Valentine day can be anything from having a nice meal at home to hiking mount Everest ;) as long as you're spending it with your special someone.

What would your Valentine's Day card read?

Thank you for being you - I wouldn't want it any other way!

What is your favourite Valentine's meal or cocktail?

I would say sushi because it's a work of art.

Ibrahim is wearing the XLT  Vasquez Long Sleeve Hoodie.

Ibrahim's instagram is @IBSAPPIAH



Navas Social Media Guru

Joshua Jackai in mens tall hoodie by Navas Lab with girlfriend
What are some ways in which being tall helps you be chivalrous?

I have found the best advantage of being tall in Valentines Day really comes down to taking romatic photographs. My girlfriend is a photo-holic , especially on Valentines Day. Selfies in particular, so I find myself taking a lot of our selfies to get an angle of her liking.

Describe an ideal Valentine's day

1. An ideal Valentines Day to me is one where I do something slightly different than the year before. With this being our 3rd Valentines Day approaching, the first year, I did a fancy restaurant , got dressed up, gave flowers, chocolate and a heart felt card.

2. The second Valentines Day, I surprised my girlfriend with a home cooked meal, flowers, candles, a card, teddy bear with a necklace on the teddy bear resembling our commitment, along with her favourite chocolates.

3. This year I find myself a little puzzled. My girlfriend will be spending the night for the first time for a Valentines Day this year. So I plan to do a nice dinner date on Granville Island, gift her with a heart felt card, and potentially present her with a present in the morning. The only real difference this year will be us spending the night together, but as my Girlfriend is getting into investing, the gift this year will be money to put towards her to invest into some long term stocks.

What would your Valentine's Day card read?

My Valentines Day card is always improvised from what I’m feeling in the moment. It usually contains a bit of gratitude, a joke, and my aspirations for our future. I will be sure to let my Girlfriend know exactly how grateful I am to have her in my life , and thank her for the tremendous patience, consistency, contribution, and unconditional love she gives to me. I will also be sure to speak into existence the future I see with my partner, which is a lifetime of growth personal, emotional, and occupational growth, commitment, and unconditional love.

What is your favourite Valentine's meal or cocktail?

1. Last year, since I barely cook, I challenged myself. I made a rib eye steak, grilled some asparagus, and threw in a little bit of lasagna as an unusual twist as it is my girlfriends favorite. This year, I may cook breakfast as well, but I may also let my Girlfriend cook as I am attempting to influence her to cook more lol.

2. My ideal breakfast consist of eggs, turkey bacon and or sausage, blueberry waffles or pancakes , and a smoothie blended with earl grey tea, fruits, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and a bit of honey.

Joshua is wearing the Large  Vasquez Microstripe Long Sleeve Hoodie.

Joshua's instagram is @JOSHUAJACKAI