Michael Jonsson in mens tall tees by Navas Lab Apparel

Navas Tall Man Profile: Michael Jonsson, Life’s Generalist

Welcome to the first Navas Profile. This is an experiment. We wanted to offer a view into the people that have participated in the Navas brand in some way. The basic format is: everyone gets asked the same 4 questions and no time limit. It's open book :) 

So for Navas Profile #1 let us introduce Michael Bjornsson, a Vancouver-based actor and parent who recently featured awesomely in a Navas photo shoot where he got to explore his love of recycling. 

Tell us about yourself in <200 words

I am a curious person trying to better myself through learning new things. I dabble in many artistic and educational endeavours because learning about every aspect of life is my joy. This also goes for learning about people and figuring out what makes them tick. If you had to sum me up - I'm "life's generalist"...and why I became an actor. 

With a couple of important exceptions (acting and the tech space), my interests and accomplishments have always jumped around. Where have I landed? Father of a strong girl and a respectful boy; an actor in Vancouver's tv and film industry for over 20 years; a Bachelor of Business Administration graduate from Simon Fraser University and a Masters of Digital Media recipient from the Centre of Digital Media (UBC and SFU); the owner of an app which helps actor's memorize lines (the Actor's lines); an Ironman finisher; and a weekend warrior in mountain biking, snowmobiling, snowboarding, skiing, trail running, billiards, scuba diving, guitar playing etc. Right now, I am back in love with martial arts - working my way towards a black belt in Shotokan Karate. KIYYYAAAAA!

How tall are you?

6'5" (just under 196cm)

How has being tall affected your life?

I love helping people put items away into hard to reach places and how others think twice before messing with me. I would never NOT want to be tall, but there are a few down-points, too. I get sore knees in places other people find roomy and everyone always thought I was older when I was a child (I was told a few times at age 11 that I was too old to be trick or treating :( ). BUT... what REALLY gets under a tall person's skin is how clothes never fit properly. XXL mean bigger horizontally and never vertically. I need cuffs to cover my wrists and torsos going past my belt without it looking like I am 60 lbs overweight. Thanks for realizing that Navas Lab!

What do you do and why do you do it the hard/DIY way? 

Growth comes from challenge. When you want to become better at something you love, pick the hard way. Acting, technology and martial arts - I pick the hard way. The hard way makes you better in the long run. Hack culture is too predominant and ruins talent. If you want to just get by, hack away, if you want to become respected... the hard way is the only way.

What are your long terms goals?

Be in a position of security with family and home while being able to help others. To keep learning.

What have you got coming up?

You can catch me on the next season of Loudermilk in a fun role and on a feature film as the big bad called Lady Death (not the full real title ;p - it's a secret!)

How we can find out more about you?

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