Charles Zuckermann and Zenna Wong in mens tall tees by Navas Lab Apparel

Navas Tall Profile: Charles Zuckermann and Zenna Wong, Photographers

These two are responsible for the amazing catalog and lifestyle photography you see on the Navas website. We've been working together for only a year but already they are an integral part of the Navas family machine. Without further ado, Charles and Zenna!

Tell us about yourself

We are Vancouver based editorial, portrait and commercial lifestyle photographers.

How tall are you?
  • Charles: 6’2”
  • Zenna: 5’6"
How has being tall affected you in daily life?
  • Charles: Because I have long arms and a large torso, finding clothing that fits can be difficult.
  • Zenna: I have a long torso and sometimes I struggle to find tops that sit long enough on my body. It would be nice to have longer legs for athletic purposes but on the upside, I look tall when I sit haha.
What do you do and why do you do it the hard/DIY way?

We challenge ourselves every day to try something new, to work harder at expanding our knowledge base. This is never easy but we've chosen a career where we are always pushing our limits. Success never comes to those who take the easy path.

What are your long terms goals?

Take over the world!

What have you got coming up?

More incredible projects with Navas Lab, portraiture and editorials with some of Canada’s top actors and celebrities and kickass product shots for brands we are not at liberty to discuss right now.

How can we find out more about you? (website, IG, FB, IMDB etc.)

We are people who prefer to let our work speak for itself.

You can find Charles at: 
You can find Zenna at:

Charles is wearing our original Not Bad For a Human Tee.

Zenna is wearing the compact jersey Vasquez Long Sleeve Hoodie.

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