The Navas Lab Apparel tall mens hoodie worn by tall guy Alex Kopacz

Navas Tall Man Profile: Alex Kopacz, Olympian Bobsleigh

Meet one of our Navas Ambassadors!  

Alex Kopacz stands tall for justice, fairness and integrity!

Tell us about yourself in <200 words

I'm a first generation polish immigrant that has lived a life of acting on all of the opportunity my parents could provide from a great country like Canada. I work hard and am hyper focussed on goals that I am passionate about.

I grew up playing the violin, piano, guitar and even trumpet in high school. I like to sing, I love to dance and I'm a fierce competitor in everything I do. My favourite escapes are video games like The Witcher, movies, books and the outdoors. I have a Mechanical Engineering degree and a Physics major. I'm working on a certificate in business with the Smith School in Queens.

I became an Olympic champion in 2018 in 2 man bobsleigh from just starting 4 years prior, all due to being re-introduced to track and field with a, "what if I have more in the tank?" mindset. In that 4 year period I moved to a new country, learned German, fought like hell through injuries, trained 2x per day 6 days a week in a military base in the Alps. I became a family member to the nice German people that supported me and helped inspire a nation.

Recently, I've been enjoying public speaking and focussing my energies into entrepreneurship. 

How tall are you?


How has being tall affected your life? 

I've dealt with lots of knee and leg pain growing-up.  I have Osgoode schlaters. I have problems finding shoes. Also, shirts long enough that weren't fat in the middle, or pants that had no length at all.

You get used to being limited in options when you shop. You get used to sitting in cramped spaces in cars, planes etc. You get used to talking quietly to not intimidate people and you apologizing a lot. But the most irritating is that I have to dodge people in crowds or on streets , if not I look like an asshole that is bumping into people. MOVE FOR BIG VEHICLES PEOPLE!!

Otherwise it's been awesome, great for sports and girls haha!

The Navas Lab Apparel tall mens hoody worn by tall guy Alex Kopacz
What's one of your biggest challenges/solves?

Leading up to the Olympics, I had to solve how to train around my crippling knee and back pain from being a tall guy lifting. I played with heel lifts, planks, boards, braces. Ultimately anything that would set me up in an upright squat position since I couldn't naturally.

What do you do and why do you do it the hard/DIY way?

I solve problems. I find solutions by understanding the root issue and then apply my boundless creativity. I don't believe in the easy or hard way, but I believe there is a right way or more efficient way. Doing something yourself is the most rewarding experience, especially when you end up being right or succeeding.

What are your long terms goals?

I am to be a multi-business owner and look forward to being able to one day solve bigger society problems.

What have you got coming up?

Lots of ground work on personal development and rehab from injuries.

Do you have a favourite Navas product and why?

So far I enjoy all of them primarily because they actually fit well. I have that hard time finding good fitting clothing that I get fired up to wear.  I have the the Hawkins hoodie in a black XLT. 

What is your favourite meal to stay full? 

Anything with lots of protein. Low on time, nuts / yoghurt, lots of time  like steak and veg meal :)

How can we find out more about you? 



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