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Navas Tall Man Profile: Aaron Winstone, Firefighter in Training

Tell us about yourself in <200 words

I was born and raised on Vancouver Island, but have lived in Vancouver for the last 10+ years. I grew up playing many sports, before finally deciding my height and abilities best suited volleyball, both indoors and on the beach. I finished university with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UBC. Since then I have worked in the restaurant industry, where I currently help manage a great crew and shuck a lot of oysters. I have a passion for the outdoors, and include biking, hiking, camping, fishing, surfing, and snowboarding as my hobbies. I also enjoy travelling with my girlfriend, when finances allow. I like to think things through, and will often immerse myself in a subject until I feel I thoroughly understand it.

How tall are you?


How has that affected your daily life?

I get a lot of questions asking how tall I am and if I play basketball. And I have learned (the hard way) to keep an eye out for low hanging doors and overhead obstructions. Airline travel and amusement park rides are always a challenge, but the hardest aspect of being tall is finding clothes that fit and look stylish. You learn to embrace the sleeves rolled up look, and accept a flexible budget when shopping for pants, as the fit becomes more important than the price. Overall though, I love being tall, and companies like Navas are helping on the clothing front.

Aaron Winstone Fly Fishing tall manWhat do you do and why do you do it the hard/DIY way?

I believe the harder you work for something, the more you appreciate it once you achieve your goals. If you can also enjoy the process, you will be happier and apply yourself more effectively. That is why I grind my coffee beans by hand, go backcountry hiking, shoot and develop pictures on film, and fly fish for steelhead with home tied flies. I also believe, as our lives continue to get busier and more complicated, it's important to slow things every once in awhile.

Long term goals

I hope to have a stable career that I am passionate about, that will give me the work life balance, and financial stability to enjoy life and give back to the community.

Short term goals/events/happenings

Right now I am pursuing a new career. I am in the application process with Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services. With luck I will be invited for an interview in the new year. In the mean time I plan to continue my studies and physical training.

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How can we find out more:

I currently have a very small online presence. You can check out my Instagram account, which mostly consists of film photos from my travels and adventures, though I am more frequently behind the camera, rather than in front.

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