Navas Kickstarter Wrap

Navas Kickstarter Wrap

Navas ran a successful Kickstarter in September of 2017.  The campaign raised $16000 through 107 backers. It financed the first production runs of two Navas mainstays, the original Hawkins zip hoody and the Mac long sleeve. The proceeds of the campaign allowed us to complete our pattern work, order material from our preferred Canadian vendor and complete production with a Vancouver factory.

We delivered the finished products to the campaign backers in December 2017. It was a modest campaign by Kickstarter standards but a success nonetheless that helped us reach our first customers and prove that there was a market for this idea. 

The campaign was featured in Vancouver Is Awesome as well as Daily Hive.

The current Mac and Hawkins styles haven't changed much from these original designs and will remain core Navas styles.

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