It's Hard to Define Your Style Without Options

It's Hard to Define Your Style Without Options

Dressing well seems fun... when you have a wardrobe full of interesting options to mix and match. But if you're a tall slim guy you probably have a sparse wardrobe of a few weary pieces that could disintegrate at any time.

I've often seen guys dressed well and thought "well it must be easy when you can just walk into a store and pick and choose from whatever". For tall slim guys, going shopping is more like going begging. Most people go shopping and find the items they like and have to decide if they make sense with the rest of their stuff. Tall/slim guys are happy to even find a single item. 

It's hard to feel personally empowered by your wardrobe when shopping is like this. Shopping becomes more of an exercise in prayer and desperation than a time to refresh and renew your wardrobe. 

Finding amazing new items feels good. Wearing clothes that are flattering and look great feels good. Navas wants you to have that feeling. Slowly but surely we are developing a series of sharp-wearing classic pieces  for tall slim guys to wear every day. Stuff that fits really well; so well that you want those pieces in every colour so that you finally have some options with what you wear every day. 

We will continue to add new foundational styles to the mix as often as we can. Refining and rereleasing great products in new colours so you'll always have fun new things to try.

Here's a little pick me up. Don't be boring!

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