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Happy Birthday to the Tall Guys: Anthony Bourdain, 6'4"

by Alex Sinanan |

Tags: tall guy travel, tall people, tall size celebrities

Born June 15, 1956, tall guy, Anthony Bourdain came to our attention with his scathing account of life in New York's high end kitchens, Kitchen Confidential. He went on to remind us how to travel and how to eat with No Reservations, Parts Unknown and The Layover. He reminded us that food isn't about Michelin stars but about experience. Each show became a little less about food and travel and a little more about musing through places. RIP.

A perennial casual tall and slim man. I wish we could have got him in a Drake Bamboo V-Neck tee. The kind of shirt you can wear on the road for a week in the tropics and still look and smell good. We made that shirt for this guy, the tall slim vagabond.