Tom Selleck is one of those tall guys

Happy Birthday to the Tall Guys : Tom Selleck, 6'4"

Tall guy, Tom Selleck was born January 29, 1945. At 6'4" Tom Selleck was a very tall actor for the time known for his 80s macho sweetness. I was a little too young to remember much of Magnum PI but I did see Three Men and a Baby in the cinema and Quigley Down Under was a Saturday afternoon staple in our house which includes an incredible performance by Alan Rickman.

Most of his time on Magnum PI was spent in short shorts, which is immortalized in this meme that we've used many times on the Navas Instagram. It goes to show that tall guys can pull off short shorts if they really want to and have done their squats. He was actually way ahead of his time with this look. That Ferrari looks comically small.

Tom Selleck Magnum PI Celebrity Birthday Tall Guy Short Shorts

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