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Finding the Right Fit as a Tall, Athletic Type

As you probably know, looking good and dressing well are two very different things. The best-looking people in the wrong clothes can look second best to those who are dressed to kill. While you may be getting enough cardio, and setting new personal bests on the bench – without the right look, what is it all for? #tallpeopleproblems amiright?

It all comes down to fit.

You know the feeling of getting shirts that are the right length but too wide. Or finding a button-up that fits your torso but the sleeves stop at your elbows. These tips will help you find the right fit for your tall and athletic build.

Don’t Give Up On Dressing Well  

It’s common to find something that’s passable. You’ll find a pair of jeans that are miraculously long enough for your legs, but they are only available 8 inches too wide for your waist. The first step to dressing well is knowing your measurements. And no, I’m not talking that magic ‘brickhouse’ woman set of 36-24-36 - I’m talking your own. Once you know your measurements, you can shop and breathe easy knowing the products you find are either going to fit you, or not. And if they don’t fit you right, don’t waste your time waiting or money to find out.

‘Slim Fit’ Doesn’t Mean ‘Small Fit’  

There’s so many options when it comes to fitting out there. Deciding on which fit is for you can seem confusing. First and foremost, you want to find what looks good on you. Don’t be afraid of something labelled ‘tailored’, ‘athletic’ or ‘slim’. All that means is that it’ll look better on you if you’ve the rocking body type to wear it.


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Pay Attention to Sleeve Length  

Find clothes handcrafted to fit your body type. This includes sleeves that cover your arms the way they were meant to. No more bunching, no more looking like you’re wearing your dad’s hand-me-downs – just clothes that fit. Feel free to roll up your sleeves comfortably.

Learn What Makes Your Laundry Last  

If you throw something into the dryer and are surprised when it shrinks, then that’s on you. Stay on top of how to care for your clothes when you find the right garments for you – if they make you look good, you make sure they get pampered. You can also bypass the dryer all together, and rest easy knowing your clothes will fit the same as the day you bought them.


If you follow these guidelines, you can look as streamlined as you are. You put in the work to look good, and we want people staring for the right reasons. Take our advice and you’ll find your perfect fit in no time.

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