Find the Perfect Length for Your Summer Shorts

Find the Perfect Length for Your Summer Shorts

Mr. Sun is blasting our faces with UV and there’s two ways to handle it: grin and bear the forefront of the hottest season of the year, or take control of the situation by leaving your slacks in your closet and searching for the perfect pair of summer shorts. But what makes a pair of shorts perfect?

Find The Right Type of Short for You

Here’s the dealio: You need to find the RIGHT pair of shorts. If you don’t know where they should be hitting on your leg, you’ll end up looking like you’ve got a backstage pass at this year’s Warped Tour instead of showing off your gams looking classy at your boss’ annual backyard BBQ. Check the following for guiding clues on how to find the shorts that best fit you and match your style right.

A Pair of All-Purpose Shorts Should Sit Just Above the Knee 

You’ve got to find the right type of short for your legs. Since you’re here on the Navas page, I’m going to go with you being a tall, slim athletic type. So if they’re for use in the office or as part of a casual day-to-day outfit, you’ll want them to be snug, but not overly loose - you don’t want to look like you’re moonlighting as part of a Cypress Hill tribute band! You want to embrace that slim, streamlined physique you’ve got with a slim cut and pleasant sightlines. Shorts that have a slight taper to them are a good bet. Look for something that hits just above the knee for everyday kind of style.

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Wear The Right Pair for The Right Situation

Remember at that last wedding you went to when there was that guy wearing mesh basketball shorts and a sleeveless tee? Fashion is anyone’s game, and they’re likely ahead of their time – but when we’re in the here and now, things get a little trickier. Don’t be the person getting photoshopped into a suit or sundress, arrive right the first time. Stick to cargo-pocket free choices for fancier occasions and events, like weddings and important events; and use your tactical cargo shorts for camping during Canada Day weekend.

When Heading Underwater, Use Your Fashion Sense 

I know what you’re thinking. “I wore these swim briefs everywhere in Mexico, why can’t I wear them everywhere else?” You may think you can get away with wearing your swim trunks out on a date, but that swimsuit-lined junk-netting isn’t going help you catch anything but chum. And don’t wear jean cut-offs into the ocean either. When they dry, they shrink around your thighs like a couple of denim pythons, and you won’t be able to peel them off after! Wear something with a bit of breath to them so your legs can move. And moreover, if you’re out doing watersports, waxing your surfboard, or lounging on the beach, try a nice pair of board shorts – we have a pair that's perfect for the occasion. Check out Zod, our in-house pair of board shorts for all your beach and board short needs – no need to join an intergalactic army for a pair of out of this world swimwear. Make sure to pull the legs up a bit when you’re tanning though – farmer’s tan on your legs is nigh inexcusable during these summer months!  

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