Customer Spotlight: Tall Paul

Customer Spotlight: Tall Paul

We chatted with Navas customer, fitness expert and Vancouver local, Tall Paul. Paul is an athlete, trainer and bodybuilder who believes in creating attainable goals and healthy habits for his clients. 

We got a chance to get to know him a little better in this month's Customer Spotlight:

How did you get your start?

"I have always been an active guy. Growing up I played every sport possible, which then worked down to my final two sports of Baseball and Basketball. I went to University in Louisiana. When that career was over I knew I wanted to still have an active life and teach others what I learnt."

How has training changed your life on a mental level?

"Training has had a big factor on my mental focus in all areas of life. My focus in work and dedication to eating the foods I need, have been honed from my mental strength and growth in the gym."

Paul runs the snow...both ways! You kids have it easy.

There's a lot of fitness trainers out there these days. What should people look for in a potential trainer?

"Here in Vancouver we understand and have a passion for fitness. There are a lot of outdoor sports and fitness things that can be done. At the same time, the people are realizing that getting into the gym also is a needed factor in their lives, no matter how healthy their lifestyle is outdoors. When looking for a trainer I suggest you look for someone that preaches the basics ( squats/deadlifts/presses/lunges ) these movements are equivalent to many of our daily moves. The trainers that try to wow you with crazy unseen before exercises I would stay away from. Those movements are done to exhaust you right away , hoping to impress you. Except they in general do not help your daily life and cant be done for long term. And fitness is a long term game!"

Quick run down of Tall Paul's daily meal plan?

"As for daily intake I focus on eating 5-7 clean meals a days. Some may be snacks depending on how much time I have or where I may be. But every meal has a source of protein, carb, and fats. I do enjoy a good cheat meal 1-2 times a week."

Paul 2

Paul takes cheat days very seriously.

What is your favourite part of living in vancity?

"Summertime in Vancouver is main reason for living in this city. Even though it is far too short! I live for the sunny days heading down to the sea wall on my bike, being able to hit any beach in town in minutes."

Your least favourite tall guy struggle?

"I love being tall, have owned it for years. The only area that gives me downers at times is when flying and not being able to get an exit row seat. Other than that, it's a blessing."

Paul 3

Paul laughs, nonchalantly, on the seawall, as if unaware of how handsome and charming he is. Tough life.

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